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The Indian Institute of Public Administration
ChairmanT. N. Chaturvedi
PresidentVenkaiah Naidu,Vice President of India
Indraprastha Estate, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, New Delhi

The Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) was established in 1954 and is research and training organization under the Ministry of Personnel of the Government of India.

It was set up as a direct result of the support and vision of its first President, India’s Prime Minister, Pandit Nehru.

Faculty and Academic Centres[edit]

The academic interaction between the faculty members of the Institute is facilitated through the academic centres of the Institute. The Institute has the following twelve Centres:

  • Centre for Economic Analysis and Financial Management
  • Centre for Human Resource Development and Behavioural Studies
  • Centre for Management Studies and Public Enterprises
  • Centre for Public Policy, Planning and Development Studies
  • Centre for Rural Development Administration and Panchayati Raj
  • Centre for Social Welfare Administration and Administration of Justice
  • Centre for Urban Studies
  • Centre for Consumer Studies
  • Centre for Learning in ICT and E-Governance
  • Centre for Climate Change, Environment and Drought Administration
  • Centre for Values and Ethics in Public Affairs
  • Governance Data Base and Resource Centre

List of Participants for current on-going Programme is given below:

Name of the Participants
1. Shri Bhaskar Goswami, IRS (IT)
2. Shri Bheru Lal Gahlot, ITS
3. Ms. Anu P. Mathai, IES
4 Cmde R.K. Jena, IN
5. Capt Dhiraj Khanna, IN
6. Capt A. Majumdar, IN
7. Capt Vishal Sharma, IN
8. Capt Ravinder Sud, IN
9. Capt C.M. Pappinssery, IN
10. Ms. Archana Mayaram, IES
11. Brig Vikram Varma, IA
12. Brig Rakesh Manocha, IA
13. Brig Rajesh Srivastava, IA
14. Brig. J.S. Bisht, IA
15. Brig Amandeep Singh Randhawa, IA
16. Shri Dinesh Kapila, IES
17. Ms. G. Madhumita Das, IPoS
18. Ms. Hena Usman, IPoS
19. Ms. Prabha Ji, ITS
20. Shri Ajeet Kumar, BSF
21. Shri Kamkhenthan Guite, IES
22. Shri Chandra Bhushan Singh, ITS
23. Shri Om Prakash, IRTS
24. Shri Ashok Kumar, ITS
25. Shri Rajat Bhargava, IAS
26. Brig AN Kukreti, IA
27. Brig Jagroop Singh, IA
28. Brig G.S. Sandhu, IA
29. Brig Harmandeep Singh, IA
30. Brig Rajiv Kumar, IA
31. Air Cmde KSK Suresh, VM, IAF
32. Air Cmde R Mahajan, IAF
33. Air Cmde LM Joshi, IAF
34. Air Cmde S Mehta, IAF
35. Ms. Jyoti Trivedi, IoFS
36. Shri Ram Raj Yadava, ITS
37. Shri Dharmendra Yadav, ITS
38. Shri Krishan Kumar Agrawal, ITS
39. Shri Vinay Srivastava, IRSME
40. Shri Ashok Kumar Sharma, MES
41. Shri Pawan Kumar Dewari, IDSE
42. Shri H. C. Upadhyay


The Institute has a branch of a nationalised bank (UCO) on the campus. A part-time medical officer appointed by the Institute is available in the campus on alternate working days to provide first aid facilities.

IIPA Library[edit]

The IIPA Library is one of the major social science resource centres in India and its Public Documents section is amongst the best in the country. It is automated with a collection of over 2.5 lakh books and periodicals. It facilitates access to several thousand journals and other resources through a number of electronic databases and has digitised important documents for posterity. It is a depository library for the publications of the World Bank and has been accorded co-operating library status for the publications of International Monetary Fund. The library thus facilitates on-line access to the knowledge portals of the World Bank and its associate institutions. At the National level, IIPA library maintains linkages with various national library networks.


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