Indian Islamic Centre, Abu Dhabi

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Indian Islamic Center - Abu Dhabi
المقر الهندي الإسلامي - أبو ظبي

ہندوستانی اسلامی مرکز- ابو ظہبی
ഇന്ത്യന്‍ ഇസ്‌ലാമിക് സെന്‍റര്‍ - അബൂദാബി

भारतीय इस्लामी केंद्र - अबू धाबी
Branch/traditionSunni Muslim
StatusSoci-cultural and Religious Centre
Affiliated to Ministry of Social Affairs - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
LocationAl Falah St, Abu Dhabi
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Indian Islamic Centre, Abu Dhabi is located in United Arab Emirates
Indian Islamic Centre, Abu Dhabi
Shown within United Arab Emirates
TerritoryAbu Dhabi
AdministrationManaging Committee
Geographic coordinates24°29′08″N 54°22′50″E / 24.485512°N 54.380645°E / 24.485512; 54.380645Coordinates: 24°29′08″N 54°22′50″E / 24.485512°N 54.380645°E / 24.485512; 54.380645
Date established1971
Construction costDh 12 million
CapacityMain Auditorium: 1,200

Two mini Audit.:100

Class Rooms

Indian Islamic Center, Abu Dhabi (In Arabic: المقر الهندي الإسلامي -  أبو ظبي) is a socio-cultural and religious centre for the Indian community that resides in Abu Dhabi.

The chief patron of the centre is chaired by business tycoon M. A. Yusuff Ali. P Bava Haji, Dr Abdurahman Moulavi Olavattur, Karappath Usman, Abdul Kareem Haji, Abdul Salam are the some of the committee members who manage the centre.[1]

The centre registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs. It hosts more than five hundred active members.


Islamic Centre was established in 1971 by social and philanthropic activists from Kerala who regularly assembled at Chithari Compound, a bachelor accommodation.

The center's new building was inaugurated by President of India Pratibha Patil on 23 November 2010 during her official visit.[2]

In 2014, the centre celebrated its 40th anniversary with activities in UAE and India.[3]

Bava Haji is the centre's longest serving president. He played a key role in opening Al Noor Indian Islamic School under the Islamic Centre for the poor and economically-backward. The school closed in 2014.[4]


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