Indian Jewelry

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Indian Jewelry
Origin Houston, Texas, USA
Genres Noise rock, Experimental, Psychedelic
Years active 2002–present
Labels The Reverberation Appreciation Society
We Are Free
Girlgang Records
Lovepump United
Associated acts Pleasure 2
Swarm of Angels
Twisted Wires
Thousand Cranes
Corpses of Waco
Perpetual War Party Band
Members Erika Thrasher
Richard Durham
Rodney Rodriguez
Mary Sharpe
Brandon Davis

Indian Jewelry is a band from Houston, Texas. Since forming in 2002 the band has gone through several touring incarnations as Hong Kong, the Turquoise Diamonds, Benzene Lotion Rash, the Corpses of Waco, Electric Fuck All, NTX+ELECTRIC, and the Perpetual War Party Band, among others. According to their website, they come from a Swarm of Angels.[1]

Like other underground music bands and their psychedelic rock predecessors, Indian Jewelry are known for sonic and comic experiments.[2]

Partial discography[edit]


As NTX + Electric[edit]

  • We are the Wild Beast (Girlgang, 2003)

As Swarm of Angels[edit]

  • Plessure EP 7" (Girlgang Records & Tapes, 2002)


  • Indian Jewelry/Future Blondes split Zing Zang/Heartless 12" (Dull Knife, 2008)
  • Rattling Death Train, cd-r, (Kimosciotic 2005)
  • In Love With Loving 7" (ON ON Switch, 2005)
  • Indian Jewelry/Sugarbeats split Pentecostal/One Year Real 7" (Girlgang, 2005)

As Bialystok Players[edit]

  • I Am Donkey 3" CD-R (Girlgang, 2003)

As NTX + Erika Thrasher[edit]

  • Chasing the Rats Out 7" (Girlgang, 2004)
  • Pain Reliever/Titanium split 7" (Girlgang, 2002)


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