Indian Journal of Law and Technology

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Indian Journal of Law and Technology  
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Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
Ind. J. Law Technol.
Discipline Technology law
Language English
Publication details
Publication history
ISSN 0973-0362
LCCN 2007-389206
OCLC no. 162508474
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The Indian Journal of Law and Technology is an annual peer-reviewed law journal produced by students of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, India. It is managed by the IJLT Editorial Board and published by the Students Bar Association at the National Law School.

The journal was established in 2005. Notable contributors are William Patry, Gavin Sutter, Benjamin Edelman, Yochai Benkler, Donald S. Chisum, Raymond T. Nimmer, John Frow, Lawrence Liang, and Shamnad Basheer. The journal publishes articles, notes, and book reviews discussing legal issues on technology law in general, including e-commerce, cybercrime, biotechnology, bioethics, competition law, outsourcing, relevant public policy, intellectual property issues posed by technology, telecommunications, and evidential technology.

Chief Editors[edit]

  • Karthik Ashwin Thiagarajan (2004–2005, Vol. 1)
  • Sarayu Natarajan (2005–2006, Vol. 2)
  • Thomas John (2006–2007, Vol. 3)
  • Chaitanya Ramachandran (2007–2008, Vol. 4)
  • Raman Jit Singh Seema (2008–2009, Vol. 5)
  • Ashutosh Kumar (2009–2010, Vol. 6)
  • Bhavishyavani Ravi (2010-2011, Vol. 7)
  • Akanksha Sharma (2011-12, Vol. 8)
  • Amlan Mohanty (2012-13, Vol. 9)
  • Tarun Krishnakumar (2013-14, Vol. 10)
  • L Gopika Murthy (2014-15, Vol. 11)
  • Aradhya Sethia (2015-16, Vol. 12)

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