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Indian Liberal Group
Founder(s) Minoo Masani
Established 1965
President Meera Sanyal
Location Mumbai

First Floor, Sassoon Building, 143, Mahatma Gandhi Road

Mumbai 400001 India

The Indian Liberal Group is a think tank founded in 1965 by Minoo Masani, author and parliamentarian, to promote the Liberal point of view and educate the public on the concept of Liberalism. Its Headquarters is in Mumbai and banker Meera Sanyal serves as the current President.

Organization structure[edit]

The organization has local chapters, a state executive and a national executive. National Conventions are held every two years. All the currents members of the organization can attend the National Convention which serves as the policy making body.


Among the founding members of the Group were Prof. B. R. Shenoy, H.V.R. Iyengar, Fredie Mehta, Khushwant Singh, Sophie Wadia and G V Sundaram. S.V. Raju is the immediate past President of the Organization.


Indian Group presents a Liberal Budget [1] every year as an alternative version to the Annual Budget presented to the Parliament by the Union Finance Minister. Eminent economists are part of the drafting committees of these Liberal Budgets.

On October 8 and 9, 2010, ILG organized a symposium titled "India - the next decade"[2] in Mumbai.

The local chapters organize perform a variety of activities like Minoo Masani Memorial Lectures,[3] protests for the cause of Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims,[4] organising a 'parliament of students' on board exams[5] and campaigns to improve the quality of education in Medical colleges.[6]


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