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Indian Library Association (ILA) was established on September 13, 1933 Registered under the societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860), on the occasion of the First All India Library Conference held at Calcutta (now Kolkata). The ILA is the largest and renowned professional body in the field of Library and Information Science in India with a membership of more than 7000. The headquarter of ILA situated in Delhi.


The main objectives of the Association are:

  • Promoting library movement in the country,
  • Developing Library and Information Science education,
  • Training and research, betterment of library personnel,
  • Cooperation at the national and international levels,
  • Promotion of standards, norms, services and guidelines, and
  • Providing a forum for professionals and publication of materials.


Its 53rd Annual conference was held in Hyderabad in 2007. Its 54th Annual conference was held in Mumbai in 2008. Its 55th Annual conference was held at Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Greater Noida from 21–24 January 2010 India.

The Founding Members of ILA[edit]

  • A. C. Woolner
  • Mohammad Shafi
  • Abdul Majid
  • Mohammed Kasem Ali
  • Abnashi Ram Talwar
  • P. C. Neogi
  • AMR Montague
  • R Gopalan
  • B. S. Ramasubbier
  • Ram Labhaya
  • D. Trivikrama Rao
  • S Bashiruddin
  • Dr M O Thomas
  • S Mahendra Singh
  • Dr Wali Mohammaed
  • S. R. Ranganathan
  • K M Asadullah
  • Sant Ram Bhatia
  • K. Sellaiah
  • Sarada Prasad Sinha
  • Kshitendra Dev Rai Mahasaya
  • T. C. Dutta
  • Kumar Munindra Dev
  • R Mahasaya
  • Upendra Chandra Das
  • Labhu Ram
  • Ayyanki Venkata Ramanayya
  • Manchanda
  • Yousufuddin Ahmad
  • ILA Services
  • ILA Publication


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