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Logo of Indian Merchants’ Chamber
Logo of Indian Merchants’ Chamber

Indian Merchants’ Chamber, established on 7 September 1907 in Mumbai,[1] is an organization of India, representing interests of Indian trade, commerce, and industry. It was organized originally during the days of the British Raj to promote trade, commerce, and industry by Indian entrepreneurs.

IMC has played a significant role in consolidating Indian business interests and making the Indian economy self-reliant. It kept pace with and, in its own way, became part of the Indian struggle for freedom. It was the Chamber's dedication that made Mahatma Gandhi patronise it and accept, in 1931, its honorary membership — a rare honour bestowed upon any chamber of commerce in the country.

Today, its institutional records are part of the Archives at the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, at Teen Murti House, Delhi.[2]

On 7th September 2006 India Post has issued a commemorative postage stamp to mark it's centenary.

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