Indian National League

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Indian National League
PresidentProf. Muhammed Sulaiman
General SecretaryAhammad Devar Kovil
KK Wats
FounderEbrahim Sulaiman Sait
Founded23 April 1994
Split fromIndian Union Muslim League
National affiliationLeft Democratic Front
Party flag

The Indian National League (INL) is a National political party in India. It is mainly active in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The party was formed on 23 April 1994, when Ebrahim Sulaiman Sait resigned from the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML).


The party is open to all citizens who adhere to the constitutional creed of secularism. The principles include the unity and integrity of India, the rule of law and equal respect to people belonging to different religions, classes, backgrounds, regions, languages and identities. The primary thrust of the party are to protect and preserve the identity, dignity, life and property of all Indians, especially the underprivileged. The party sought to draw individuals from all levels of society towards fuller participation in the process of national rebuilding and reconciliation. This party fights bigoted and communal forces and does not tolerate the desecration of any temple, mosque, gurudwara or church, nor will it permit interference in the personal faith or religious affairs of any community.


The party was formed on 23 April 1994, when Ibrahim Sulaiman Sait resigned from IUML. At its formation, over 700 delegates from over 14 states, who were invited because of their stature in society, converged in New Delhi for the Indian Muslim political convention at Aiwane Ghalib Hall.

The group resolved to adopt the recommendations of a committee of 25 leaders to launch a new secular, democratic and national party.


In the Tamil Nadu state assembly elections in 1996, INL was an alliance of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and won five seats in the assembly. All India general secretary M.A. Latheef elected Hajj committee waqf board chairman.

In Karnataka, Qamarul Islam won INL's first Assembly seat from Gulbarga Constituency and secured second place at Raichur constituency by Mohamed Fasalullah on 1995.

In Maharashtra, INL secured second place in Sholapur constituency in 1996.

In the Tamil Nadu state assembly elections in 2001, INL joined an alliance of All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, contested two seats and won one, for Abdul Latheef who died the next year. Later the seat was not allotted to INL again by AIADMK.

In the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, INL launched four candidates in West Bengal.

It participated in a "Third Front" (Advocate Mr E. Sarwar Khan B.Sc., BL), contest at Cuddalore Lok Sabha received 56,406 votes. In Kerala, INL has close relations with the Left Democratic Front. In the state assembly elections in 2001, INL launched candidates, supported by LDF, in Tirur and Kasergod and Nilambur. The candidate, professor A.P. Abdul Vahab, NA Nellikunnu and Anwar Master, secured second place.

In the state assembly elections in 2006 INL launched three candidates, supported by LDF, in Manjeri, Kasargod, Kozhikode 2. The candidates were Professor A.P. Abdul Vahab (Manjeri), N.A. Nellikunnu, (Kasaragod), Advt. P.M.A. Salam (Kozhikode 2). Advocate P.M.A. Salam won the Kozhikode 2 with highest margin of the constituency in History.

A small team of INL headed by Siraj Ibrahim Sait, national general secretary, P.M.A. Salam, state general secretary of Kerala joined the Muslim League. N.A. Nellikkunnu, former INL state treasurer, was elected to Kerala Legislative assembly from Kasarkode in IUML ticket 2011, and P.M.A. Salam carried the post of secretary of Kerala state Muslim league. The INL leaders made movements along with LDF in the 2011 election.

After the 2011 Assembly Election, many leaders from a splinter group headed by PMA Salam joined INL leaders such as NVA Majeed. They gave support in Thrissur District with the leadership of Kechery Mohamed Kutty who is working as State Vice President of INL Kerala State. In the 2011 Kerala election, INL contested along with LDF for three seats. INL state president lost from Koothparamb constituency, by 3,345 votes.

In Bihar, INL formed the third front of 11 parties named United Samajwadi Alliance (USA) and INL Bihar state president Reyaz Ahmad Aatish is a convenor of US. INL was become a part of LDF officially and national secular confrance (NSC) led by ADV PTA Rahim was decided to join in INL