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Indian New Zealanders
Total population
(186,100 (est. 2015)
4.04% of the population of New Zealand (2015)[1][not in citation given])
Regions with significant populations
Indian people by region
Auckland 146,500
Wellington 17,450
Waikato 5,600
Bay of Plenty 4,352
Canterbury 3,560
Manawatu Wanganui 1,780
Hawke's Bay 1,450
Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, Fiji Hindi, Malayalam, English, others
Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Other Non-resident Indian and person of Indian origin.

Indian New Zealanders or Indo-Kiwis[citation needed] are New Zealanders of Indian origin or descent, living in New Zealand. The term includes Indians born in New Zealand (including immigrants from India), Indo Fijians, Indians born in Africa (such as South African Indians and Indians in East Africa) or any New Zealander with at least one parent, grandparent or great grandparent with an Indian heritage.

Most early New Zealand Indians were of Punjabi or Gujarati descent.[2] Indian New Zealanders are the fastest growing Kiwi ethnic group, and the second largest group of New Zealand Asians.[3]

The largest number of Indians living in New Zealand are from Fiji. The fourth largest language in New Zealand is Fiji Hindi, shown in the 2013 census. According to (a New Zealand Government affiliate), since 2011 18,000 Indians have migrated to New Zealand.[4] In 2011, the Indian population in New Zealand was 156,000, so there are 174,000 Indians in New Zealand (2014) due to the additional immigration of 18,000.[5] For the year ending in May 2015, New Zealand witnessed a record high of 12,100 immigrants from India.[citation needed]


Religion[6]  % of Indian population in New Zealand
Om.svg Hinduism 53.6%
Khanda.svg Sikhism 12.5%
Star and Crescent.svg Islam 10.8%
No religion 6.0%
Object to answering 1.6%

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