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Indian Nursing Council
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Slogan(s) To Establish Uniforms Standards of Training for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors.

The Indian Nursing Council is a national regulatory body for nurses and nurse education in India. It is an autonomous body under the Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, constituted by the Central Government under section 3(1) of the Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947 of Indian parliament.[1]

State-Level Nursing Councils[edit]

There are many registered state-level nursing councils.[2] They are granted autonomous rights by the nursing council.

Council Body State Year of Establishment
Andhra Pradesh Nurses & Midwives Council[3] Andhra Pradesh 1963
Arunachal Pradesh Nursing Council Arunachal Pradesh
Assam Nurses Midwives & Health Visitor Council[4] Assam 1953
Bihar Nurses Registration Council Bihar
Chattisgarh Nursing Council Chhattisgarh
Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council Kerala 1953
Maharashtra Nursing Council Maharashtra
Delhi Nursing Council[5] New Delhi 1997
Goa Nurs
Mizoram Nursing Council Mizoram 1994
Karnataka Nursing Council[6] Karnataka 1961
Uttar Pradesh Nurses & Midwives Council[7] Uttar Pradesh 1934
Tamil Nadu Nurses And Midwives Council Tamil Nadu 1926
Rajasthan Nursing Council[8] Rajasthan 1964
Madhya Pradesh Nurses Registration Council[9] Madhya Pradesh 1973

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