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The Indian People's Congress (IPC) is a political party in India, registered with the Election Commission of India on March 30, 1993.The party is a decentralized network of internet based volunteers committed to building a new social order through technologically empowering people. The party aims at providing humanity with better economic, political, social and cultural conditions.

  • Mr. Parmanand Pandey, General Secretary, Indian People's Congress.

Central Committee Members:

  • Mr. Radhakrishan
  • Mr. Prabhat Kumar Roy
  • Mr. Mahavir Singh
  • Mr. Shreepal Singh (Administrator)
  • Mr. Anjani Sri Mourya Sunkavalli
  • Mr. R. P. S. Yadav
  • Mr. Bankey Bihari Sharma

(Mr. Anjani Sri Mourya Sunkavalli is also the President of Andhra Pradesh State Committee of Indian People's Congress)

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