Indian Rajya Sabha elections, 1975

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Rajya Sabha elections were held on various dates in 1975, to elect members of the Rajya Sabha, Indian Parliament's upper chamber.[1]


Elections were held to elect members from various states.

Members elected[edit]

The following members are elected in the elections held in 1975. They are members for the term 1975-1981 and retire in year 1981, except in case of the resignation or death before the term. The list is incomplete.

State - Member - Party

Rajya Sabha members for term 1975-1981
State Member Name Party Remark
Gujarat Harisinh B Mahida INC res 15/03/1985
Gujarat Viren J Shah IND
Gujarat Prof Ramlal Parikh JAN
Sikkim Leonard Soloman Saring INC
West Bengal Jaharlal Banerjee INC R
West Bengal Pratima Bose INC
West Bengal Pranab Mukherjee INC
West Bengal Prof D P Chattopadhyaya INC
West Bengal Kalyan Roy CPI
West Bengal Ahmad H Mondal INC


The following bye elections were held in the year 1975.

State - Member - Party

  1. Jammu and Kashmir - Syyed Mir Qasim - JKNC ( ele 29/07/1975 term till 1978 ) res of D. P. Dhar
  2. Bihar - Hussain Zawar - JKNC ( ele 20/12/1975 term till 1978 )


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