Indian River (Yukon)

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Indian River
Indian River Yukon Gold Panning 1904.jpg
Panning for gold on the Indian River, 1904; photo by Joseph Tyrrell, Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
Country Canada
Territory Yukon
Part of Bering Sea drainage basin
Source confluence Australia Creek, Dominion Creek, Scribner Creek and Wounded Moose Creek
 - elevation 487 m (1,598 ft)
 - coordinates 63°37′08″N 138°42′16″W / 63.61889°N 138.70444°W / 63.61889; -138.70444
Mouth Yukon River
 - elevation 333 m (1,093 ft)
 - coordinates 63°47′08″N 139°43′39″W / 63.78556°N 139.72750°W / 63.78556; -139.72750Coordinates: 63°47′08″N 139°43′39″W / 63.78556°N 139.72750°W / 63.78556; -139.72750

The Indian River is a river in Yukon, Canada.[1][2][3] It is in the Bering Sea drainage basin and is a right tributary of the Yukon River.


For a map showing the river course, see this reference.[3]

The river begins at the confluence of Australia Creek, Dominion Creek, Scribner Creek and Wounded Moose Creek, about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) southwest of the settlement of Dominion. It flows northwest, then turns west to reach its mouth at the Yukon River.


The river is a gravel-bed stream located south of Dawson City. It lies on the Klondike Plateau, and forms the southern boundary of the Yukon placer gold district.[4] Indian River and its tributaries are the largest gold producers in the Yukon. In 2001, the river produced 119,999 grams (4,232.8 oz) of gold.[4] In 2008, Klondike Star Mineral Corporation announced plans to further develop the gold resources of the river.[5]


  • Bertha Creek (right)
  • Nine Mile Creek (right)
  • Ophir Creek (right)
  • Ruby Creek (left)
  • Quartz Creek (right)
  • McKinnon Creek (left)
  • New Zealand Creek (right)
  • Montana Creek (left)
  • Eureka Creek (left)

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