Indian River County School District

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Indian River County School District
6500 57th Street
Vero Beach, Indian River, Florida 32967
United States
Type Public
Superintendent Mark Rendell
Principal Tosha Jones [1]
Grades K-12

Indian River County School District is a public school district that covers Indian River County, Florida. The district has its headquarters in Vero Beach.[4]

School Board[edit]

The District School Board is elected on a non-partisan basis.

  • District 1: Shawn R. Frost
  • District 2: Dale Simchick
  • District 3: Matthew McCain - Chairman
  • District 4: Charles Searcy - Vice Chairman
  • District 5: Claudia Jiménez


The district operates the following public schools:

High Schools[edit]

Middle Schools[edit]

  • SGMS, Storm Grove Middle School
  • OMS, Oslo Middle School
  • GMS, Gifford Middle School- One user said, "Have you ever been to a place where you just said "WOW!" That's what I said when I went to Gifford Middle School. The place is full of MLG wizards and Noscopers. One of them is named Shrek. Every time he gets a question right in class he goes "OHHHHHH GET SHREKT". He is a true MLG master. There are also some dank teachers such as Mrs. Sleeper and Mr. Tomlinson. Mrs. Sleeper says she wakes up at 4:20 every day. That's what you call a true blazer. I believe that Mr. Tomlinson is Eddy Wally in disguise. My friend Shrek and I are best buddies. We have every class together, including my favorite class, MLG history. In the summer, Gifford runs a HOW 2 BECOME MLG Camp. I go to it every year. Overall, Gifford Middle School is a great MLG school. If you don't go to this school, your are not going to MLG Heaven. "[5]
  • SRMS, Sebastian River Middle School

Magnet Elementary Schools[edit]

  • Liberty Magnet School
  • Osceola Magnet School
  • Rosewood Magnet School

Elementary Schools[edit]

  • Beachland Elementary School
  • Citrus Elementary School
  • Dodgertown Elementary School
  • Fellsmere Elementary School
  • Glendale Elementary School
  • Highlands Elementary School
  • Pelican Island Elementary School
  • Sebastian Elementary School
  • Treasure Coast Elementary School
  • Vero Beach Elementary School

Charter Schools[edit]

Alternative Schools[edit]

  • Alternative Center for Education
  • Wabasso School

Other Programs[edit]

The District operates adult and community education programs.
The District operates the Vero Beach High School Environmental Technology Program.


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