Indian Sociological Society

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Indian Sociological Society
Formation 1951 (1951)
Headquarters New Delhi, India

Indian Sociological Society is a professional body of sociologists in India.[1]

The Indian Sociological Society was established in Bombay by the initiative of Prof. G. S. Ghurye, Head of the Department of Sociology, University of Bombay. The Society was registered in December 1951 under the Societies Registration Act. G. S. Ghurye was the Founder-President. Prof. J. V. Fereira followed by Prof. K. M. Kapadia were the Secretaries. Prof. Ghurye served as President from 1951 to 1966. The Society started a biannual journal Sociological Bulletin from March 1952. It occasionally held seminars/workshops on selected themes of National Importance.[2]


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