Indian Summer (American band)

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Indian Summer
OriginOakland, California, United States
GenresEmo, post-hardcore, screamo, post-rock
Years active1993–1994
LabelsRepercussion Records
Past membersAdam Nanaa
Seth Nanaa
Dan Bradley
Eyad Kaileh
Marc Bianchi

Indian Summer was an American emo and post-hardcore band originally from Oakland, California.

The band released a full 7-inch on Repercussion Records, and split 7 inches with Current, Embassy and Ordination of Aaron. They also released a song on the Eucalyptus compilation (2×7″) on Tree Records, a song on the Food Not Bombs compilation LP on Inchworm Records, and a song on the Ghost Dance compilation (2×7″) on Slave Cut Records. Science 1994 was released in 2002 and Hidden Arithmetic, an entirely live album consisting of one live set and a live radio broadcast, was released in 2006, both on the Future Recordings label. AllMusic described them as "one of the more exciting and influential bands in a crop of underground acts that defined an obscure but inspired era of American emo."[1] Science 1994 has been named as the 37th best emo album by Rolling Stone.[2]

A compilation of their entire studio discography titled Giving Birth to Thunder was released by The Numero Group in 2019. Pitchfork named the release a "Best New Reissue" in September 2019.[3]


Most Indian Summer tracks remain commercially untitled, but fans have applied titles to them. Where multiple titles exist in common use, both are given, separated by a slash.

  • Indian Summer 7-inch (1993, Repercussion Records)
  • Current/Indian Summer split 7-inch with Current (1993, initial pressing on Homemade Records, reprint on Repercussion)
  • Embassy/Indian Summer split 7-inch with Embassy (1994, Slave Cut Records)
  • Speed Kills split 7-inch with Ordination of Aaron (1994, Inchworm Records)
  • Science 1994 CD (2002, Future Recordings)
  • Hidden Arithmetic CD (2006, Future Recordings)
  • Hidden Arithmetic LP
  • Giving Birth to Thunder LP (2019, The Numero Group)

Compilation recordings[edit]

  • Eucalyptus double 7-inch (1995, Tree Records)
  1. Indian Summer - "Black/Touch the Wings of an Angel... Doesn't Mean You Can Fly"
  2. Current - "Bastille"
  3. Boilermaker - "Slingshot"
  4. Allure - "I Think I Can"
  5. Shroom Union - "Calm"
  6. Embassy - "Blackness"
  7. Julia - "I Will Not Be Ignored"
  • A Food Not Bombs Benefit LP (1994, Inchworm)
  1. Ten Boy Summer - "The History of Blank Pages and the Conscious Decision To Discontinue the Tradition Our Gender Has Been Plagued With"
  2. Swing Kids - "Disease"
  3. Campaign - "Industry Slave"
  4. Indian Summer - "Reflections on Milkweed"
  5. Starkweather - "Mainline"
  6. Franklin - "Slow into Questionable"
  7. Finger Print - "Surrender"
  8. Braille - "Capitol"
  9. Half Man - "Tripped Up"
  10. Premonition - "Left Unsaid"
  11. Railhed - "End Song"
  12. Current - "Chairitied"
  • Ghost Dance double 7-inch (1994, Slave Cut)
  1. Indian Summer - "Sugar Pill"
  2. From Ashes of - "Theme for Memory"
  3. Third Rail Rhyme - "Double Helix"
  4. Embassy - "His Years"
  5. Cap'n Jazz - "Blue Grass"
  6. Braid - "Elephant"
  7. Embassy - "How Can You"


  • Adam Nanaa: Vocalist, Guitarist
  • Dan Bradley: Drummer
  • Eyad Kaileh: Drummer
  • Marc Bianchi: Vocalist, Guitarist
  • Seth Nanaa: Vocalist, Bassist

Source: Discogs[4]


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