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Indian Union Muslim League
PresidentK. M. Kader Mohideen
SecretaryP. K. Kunhalikutty
Lok Sabha leaderE. T. Muhammed Basheer
Rajya Sabha leaderP. V. Abdul Wahab
FounderMuhammad Ismail
Founded10 March 1948 (72 years ago) (1948-03-10)
HeadquartersMaraikayar Lebbai Street, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.[1]
Student wingMuslim Students Federation (M. S. F.)
Youth wingMuslim Youth League (the Youth League)
Women's wingIndian Union Women's League
Labour wingSwathanthra Trade Union (Kerala)
Peasant's wingSwathanthra Karshaka Sangam (Kerala)
IdeologyIslamic democracy
Social conservatism
Political positionCentre-right
Seats in Lok Sabha
3 / 543
Seats in Rajya Sabha
1 / 245
Seats in Kerala Legislative Assembly
18 / 140
Seats in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly
1 / 234
Election symbol
IUML Election Symbol

The Indian Union Muslim League or I. U. M. L. (commonly referred to as the League inside Kerala) is a right wing political party in India. It is recognized by the Election Commission of India as a State Party in Kerala.

The party is a major member of the opposition United Democratic Front, the Indian National Congress lead state level alliance in Kerala.[2] Whenever the United Democratic Front rules in Kerala, the party leaders are chosen as important Cabinet Ministers. The party has always had a constant, if small presence, in the Indian Parliament.[2] The party is a part of the United Progressive Alliance in national level.[2]

The party currently has four members in Parliament (P. K. Kunhalikutty, E. T. Mohammed Basheer, and K. Navas Kani in the Lower House and P. V. Abdul Wahab in the Upper House) and nineteen members in State Legislative Assemblies (Kerala and Tamil Nadu).


After the partition of India in 1947, the All-India Muslim League was disbanded. It was succeeded by the Indian Union Muslim League in the new India.[2] M. Muhammad Ismail, the then President of the Madras Muslim League (M. M. L.) was chosen as the Convener of the Indian section of the League.[3]

The party contests Indian General Elections under the Indian Constitution. B. Pocker, elected from Malappuram Constituency, was a member of the First Lower House (1952–57) from the Madras Muslim League (M. M. L.).[2]

The party has had two members in every Lower House from the third to the 16th House, with the exception of the Second, in which it had no members, and the fourth, in which it had three members. The party had a single member in the 14th Lower House.[2] The party currently has four members in Parliament.

Best known leaders of the League[edit]

Organizational structure[edit]

  • Youth Wing: Muslim Youth League (the Youth League)
    • President: Sabir Gaffar (West Bangal)
    • General Secretary is C. K. Subair (Kerala).
  • Students' Wing: Muslim Students Federation (M. S. F.)
    • National President: T. P. Ashrafali
    • National General Secretary: S. H. Muhammed Arshad
  • Women's Political Wing: Muslim Women's League
  • Trade Union Organization (Kerala): Swathanthra Thozhilali Union (S. T. U., Independent Workers Union)
  • Peasants' Union (Kerala): Swathanthra Karshaka Sangam (Independent Peasants Union)
  • Advocates: Lawyers Forum
  • Expatriates: Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre


Designation Name
Chairman-Political Advisory Sayed Hyderali Shihab Thangal (Kerala)[5]
National President K. M. Kader Mohideen (Tamil Nadu)[6]
Vice-Presidents Iqbal Ahmed (Uttar Pradesh)
Dastagir Ibrahim Aga (Karnataka)
National General Secretary P. K. Kunhalikutty (Kerala)[7]
National Organising Secretary E. T. Mohammed Basheer (Kerala)
National Treasurer P. V. Abdul Wahab (Kerala)[8]
Secretaries Khorrum Anis Omer (Delhi)
M. P. Abdussamad Samadani (Kerala)
S. Naim Akthar (Bihar)
Siraj Ebrahim Sait (Karnataka)
Assistant Secretaries Abdul Basith (Tamil Nadu)
Kausar Hayat Khan (Uttar Pradesh)

Electoral history[9][edit]

Kerala Legislative Assembly[edit]


Election Year Official Name Seats Contested Seats Won Vote % Pre-Poll Coalition Government/Opposition
1957 - - - -
1960 Muslim League

Registered (Unrecognised) Party

12 11 4.96
1965 Muslim League 16 6 3.83
1967 Muslim League 15 14 6.75
1970 Muslim League 20 11 7.56
1977 Muslim League 16 13 6.66
1980 All India Muslim League 21 14 7.18
1982 All India Muslim League 18 14 6.17
1987 Muslim League 23 15 7.73
1991 Muslim League 22 19 7.37
1996 Muslim League 22 13 7.19
2001 Muslim League Kerala State Committee 21 16 7.59 United Democratic Front Government
2006 Muslim League Kerala State Committee 21 7 7.30 United Democratic Front Opposition
2011 Muslim League Kerala State Committee 23 20 7.92 United Democratic Front Government
2016 Indian Union Muslim League 23 18 7.40 United Democratic Front Opposition

List of League Ministers in Kerala Ministries[edit]

Members in Indian Lower House[edit]


1st House (as Madras Muslim League)
  • B. Pocker (Malappuram)

3rd House (as Muslim League)

4th House

5th House

6th-10th Houses

11th House (as Indian Union Muslim League)

12th House

13th House

14th House

15th House

16th House

17th House

Members in Indian Parliament[edit]

House of the People (the Lok Sabha)[edit]

Council of States (the Rajya Sabha)[edit]

Members in Legislative Assemblies[edit]

Tamil Nadu[edit]

Legislative Constituency Member
Kadayanallur K. A. M. Abubacker


Legislative Constituency Member
Azhikode K. M. Shaji
Manjeshwaram M. C. Kamaruddin
Kasaragod N. A. Nellikkunnu
Kuttiady Parakkal Abdulla
Kozhikode South M. K. Muneer
Kondotty T. V. Ibrahim
Eranad P. K. Basheer
Manjeri M. Ummer
Perinthalmanna Manjalamkuzhi Ali
Mankada T. A. Ahamed Kabir
Malappuram P. Ubaidulla
Vengara K. N. A. Khader
Vallikkunnu P. Abdul Hameed
Tirurangadi P. K. Abdu Rabb
Tirur C. Mammutty
Kottakkal K. K. Abid Hussain Thangal
Mannarkkad N. Samsudheen
Kalamassery V. K. Ebrahim Kunju


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