Indian omelette

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Indian omelette
Indian Omelette Odisha.jpg
Place of origin India
Region or state Indian subcontinent
Main ingredients Egg, onions, green chillies, tomatoes
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An Indian omelette is a version of the omelette found in Indian cuisine. Its main ingredients are eggs, herbs, tomatoes and spices that vary by region.[citation needed]

Grated cheese is sometimes put over the omelette, and they may also be filled with things such as shrimp and/or chicken flavoured with curry.[1]

The omelette commonly includes finely chopped green chili peppers and onions (or shallots), finely chopped fresh green coriander, salt, and zeera (cumin). Variations include grated coconut, ground black pepper, curry leaves, and finely chopped tomatoes.[2] Grated cheese may also be added. The egg mixture is whisked until fluffy and then cooked on a skillet. Usually the skillet is not warmed much before the mixture is poured in and it does not immediately solidify. The stove is usually turned on right before the egg is poured in.

George Frederick Scotson-Clark, the author of Eating Without Fears, described it as "an excellent late supper dish."[1]

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