Indian presidential election, 1992

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Indian presidential election, 1992
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  Shankar Dayal Sharma 36.jpg No image.svg
Nominee Shankar Dayal Sharma George Gilbert Swell
Party INC Independent
Home state Madhya Pradesh Meghalaya
Electoral vote 675,864 346,485

President before election

R. Venkataraman

Elected President

Shankar Dayal Sharma

The Election Commission of India held indirect 10th presidential elections of India on 24 July 1992. Shankar Dayal Sharma with 675,864 votes won over his nearest rival G. G. Swell who got 346,485 votes.


This presidential election, saw many candidates competing for the presidency, due to the divide nationally for power. The top two candidates were, Shankar Dayal Sharma, put forth by Indian National Congress and G. G. Swell, member of Rajya Sabha, from Meghalaya, as the BJP/National Front candidate.


Source: Web archive of Election Commission of India website[1]

Candidate Electoral Values
Shankar Dayal Sharma 675,864
G. G. Swell 346,485
Ram Jethmalani 2,704
Kaka Joginder Singh a.k.a. Dharti Pakad 1,135
Total 1,026,188


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