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The Indiana Academy of Science is a non-profit organization for the advancement of science. It is based in Indiana and was founded in 1885.[1][2]

The first meeting was held December 29, 1885 in the Marion County Courthouse, Indianapolis. The Academy was officially incorporated December 21, 1887. The Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science began with volume 1 in 1891, published in 1892 and containing the papers from 1885 through 1891; it has been published annually since then.[3]

Presidents of the Academy[4][edit]

1885 David Starr Jordan, Indiana University
1886 David Starr Jordan, Indiana University
1887 John M. Coulter, Wabash College
1888 John P.D. John, DePauw University
1889 John C. Branner, Indiana University
1890 Thomas C. Mendenhall, Rose Polytechnic Institute
1891 Oliver P. Hay, Butler University
1892 John L. Campbell, Wabash College
1893 Joseph C. Arthur, Purdue University
1894 William A. Noyes, Rose Polytechnic Institute
1895 Amos W. Butler, Brookville
1896 Stanley Coulter, Purdue University
1897 Thomas Gray, Rose Polytechnic Institute
1898 Clarence A. Waldo, Purdue University
1899 Carl H. Eigenmann, Indiana University
1900 David W. Dennis, Earlham College
1901 Mason B. Thomas, Wabash College
1902 Harvey W. Wiley, Purdue University
1903 Willis S. Blatchley, Indiana University
1904 Carl L. Mees, Rose Polytechnic Institute
1905 John S. Wright, Eli Lilly and Company
1906 Robert Hessler, Cincinnati
1907 David M. Mottier, Indiana University
1908 Glenn Culbertson, Hanover College
1909 Arthur L. Foley, Indiana University
1910 Percy N. Evans, Purdue University
1911 Charles R. Dryer, Indiana State Normal School
1912 Joseph P. Naylor, DePauw University
1913 Donaldson Bodine, Wabash College
1914 Severance Burrage, Eli Lilly and Company
1915 Wilbur A. Cogshall, Indiana University
1916 Andrew J. Bigney, Moores Hill College
1917 William Moenkhaus, Indiana University
1918 Edward B. Williamson, Bluffton
1919 Edward B. Williamson, Bluffton
1920 Henry L. Bruner, Butler University
1921 Howard E. Enders, Purdue University
1922 Frank M. Andrews, Indiana University
1923 Charles A. Behrens, Purdue University
1924 Charles C. Deam, Indiana Dept. of Conservation
1925 Edgar R. Cummings, Indiana University
1926 William M. Blanchard, DePauw University
1927 Frank B. Wade, Shortridge High School
1928 Edward G. Mahin, University of Notre Dame
1929 Louis J. Rettger, Indiana State Normal School
1930 Rolla R. Ramsey, Indiana University
1931 John J. Davis, Purdue University
1932 Fernandus Payne, Indiana University
1933 Marcus A. Lyon, South Bend Clinic
1934 Julius A. Nieuwland, University of Notre Dame
1935 Will Scott, Indiana University
1936 Ray C. Friesner, Butler University
1937 William E. Edington, DePauw University
1938 Eli Lilly Jr., Eli Lilly and Company
1939 Truman G. Yuncker, DePauw University
1940 Frank N. Wallace, Indiana Dept. of Conservation
1941 Paul Weatherwax, Indiana University
1942 Melvin G. Mellon, Purdue University
1943 Theodor Just, University of Notre Dame
1944 Clyde A. Malott, Indiana University
1945 Millard S. Markle, Earlham College
1946 Edward P. Degering, Purdue University
1947 James F. Mackell, Indiana State Teachers College
1948 Winona Welch, DePauw University
1949 Charles L. Porter, Purdue University
1950 Stephen S. Visher, Indiana University
1951 William P. Morgan, Indiana Central College
1952 Prentice D. Edwards, Ball State Teachers College
1953 Horace M. Powell, Eli Lilly and Company
1954 Otto B. Christy, Ball State Teachers College
1955 Alfred H. Meyer, Valparaiso University
1956 Raymond E. Girton, Purdue University
1957 Willis H. Johnson, Wabash College
1958 William A. Daily, Eli Lilly and Company
1959 Ralph E. Cleland, Indiana University
1960 Arthur T. Guard, Purdue University
1961 Lawrence H. Baldinger, University of Notre Dame
1962 Harry G. Day, Indiana University
1963 Howard H. Michaud, Purdue University
1964 Edward L. Haenisch, Wabash College
1965 Frank J. Welcher, Indiana University
1966 Carrolle A. Markle, Earlham College
1967 Alton A. Lindsey, Purdue University
1968 William J. Wayne, Indiana University
1969 Howard R. Youse, DePauw University
1970 Frank A. Guthrie, Rose Polytechnic Institute
1971 Samuel N. Postlethwait, Purdue University
1972 Otto K. Behrens, Eli Lilly and Company
1973 William B. Hopp, Indiana State University
1974 Damian V. Schmelz, Saint Meinrad College
1975 John B. Patton, Indiana Geological Survey
1976 Donald J. Cook, DePauw University
1977 Clarence F. Dineen, St. Mary’s College
1978 Jerry J. Nisbet, Ball State University
1979 J. Dan Webster, Hanover College
1980 Robert E. Henderson, Indianapolis Center for Advance Research
1981 Robert E. Henderson, Indianapolis Center for Advance Research
1982 William R. Eberly, Manchester College
1983 Alice S. Bennett, Ball State University
1984 Theodore J. Crovello, University of Notre Dame
1985 Benjamin Moulton, Indiana State University
1986 Ernest E. Campaigne, Indiana University
1987 Stanley J. Burden, Taylor University
1988 Wilton N. Melhorn, Purdue University
1989 Charlotte M. Boener, Indiana State University
1990 Wendell F. McBurney, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
1991 Cornelius W. Pettinga, Eli Lilly and Company
1992 C.W. Lovell, Purdue University
1993 Duvall A. Jones, Saint Joseph’s College
1994 Wayne P. Mueller, University of Evansville
1995 Gene Kritsky, College of Mt. St. Joseph
1996 James R. Gammon, DePauw University
1997 James D. Haddock, IUPU Fort Wayne
1998 Rebecca Dolan, Butler University
1999 Marion T. Jackson, Indiana State University
2000 Ruth H. Howes, Ball State University
2001 Edwin R. Squiers, Taylor University
2002 Terry West, Purdue University
2003 Robert D. Waltz, Department of Natural Resources
2004 Don Ruch, Ball State University
2005 Uwe Hansen, Indiana State University
2006 Clare Chatot, Ball State University
2007 John Schutt, Taylor University
2008 Nils I. Johansen, University of Southern Indiana
2009 Paul Rothrock, Taylor University
2010 James Curry, Franklin College
2011 Richard Kjonaas, Indiana State University
2012-13 Michael Finkler, Indiana University Kokomo
2013-14 Dale Edwards, University of Evansville
2014-15 Arden Bement, Purdue University
2015-16 Michael Homoya, Department of Natural Resources
2016-17 Darrin Rubino, Hanover College


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