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Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort
IndianaBeach logo.png
Slogan "Where Families Flock For Fun" (previously: "There's more than corn in Indiana!" & "The riviera of the midwest!")
Location Monticello, White County, Indiana, United States
Coordinates 40°47′N 86°46′W / 40.79°N 86.77°W / 40.79; -86.77Coordinates: 40°47′N 86°46′W / 40.79°N 86.77°W / 40.79; -86.77
Owner Apex Parks Group
Opened 1926
Operating season May through September
Total 43
Roller coasters 6

Indiana Beach is an amusement park and resort located on Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana.

The resort was developed by the Spackman family who owned it from 1926-2008. Originally named Ideal Beach, the amusement park began as a small lakeside beach with a bath house and refreshment stand. In 1927, the first thrill attraction opened, and from that point, it began to expand. In the 1930s and 1940s it was popular for the Ideal Beach Ballroom, featuring well-known bands.[1] In February, 2008 it was announced that both the amusement park and Indiana Beach campgrounds were sold to Morgan RV LLC. On September 1, 2015, it was announced that the park had been sold to Apex Parks Group.[2]


Shafer Queen
Hoosier Hurricane
Air Crow
Carnival Games

Roller Coasters[edit]

Name Type Design Year Opened Manufacturer
Cornball Express Wood Twister 2001 CCI
Dragon Wagon Steel Kiddie 2014 Wisdom Rides
Hoosier Hurricane Wood Out and Back 1994 CCI
Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain Wood Elevator Lift 2002 CCI
Steel Hawg Steel El Loco 2008 S&S
Tig'rr Coaster Steel Jet Star 1984 Schwarzkopf

Former Roller Coasters[edit]

Name Type Design Year Opened Year Closed Manufacturer
Galaxi Steel Galaxi 1971 2013 S.D.C.


Major Rides[edit]


  • Baby Barons
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Frog Hopper
  • Kiddie Autos
  • Kiddie Boats
  • Kiddie Fire Trucks
  • Kiddie Whips
  • Mini Pirate Ship
  • Winky the Whale
  • Pumpkin Ferris Wheel


Ideal Beach Water Park[edit]

  • 5 Tube Slides (3 Enclosed)
  • Action River – Lazy river
  • Big Flush Water Coaster
  • Sandy Beach Swimming Area with recirculating pool
  • Splash Bash Water Spray Pad[6]



  • Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Castle – A walk-through attraction
  • SkyCoaster
  • Cap'n Crow's Bumper Boats


Lodging and Cabins[edit]

Lodging at Indiana Beach includes hotel, motel and cabin accommodations with varying prices, sleeping capacities and amenities.[8] There are also two campgrounds containing approximately 1,000 camp sites.[9]


In 2011, former and current employees staged a protest due to working and safety conditions at the park, claiming that "Rides are continuously closed, or many times forced to be open using rigged components because the company will not or cannot pay for the parts that will allow maintenance to fix them properly.".[10][11] An inspector from the state's division of Homeland Security investigated as a result of the protest and found no major safety violations.[12]

It was reported in December 2012 that Morgan RV LLC had sold 11 of its properties to Sun Communities Operating Limited Partnership LLC of Michigan for $135 million.[13] Among the listed properties was Ideal Private Resorts LLC, whose website includes Indiana Beach Amusement Park and Indiana Beach Accommodations as destinations.[14] Calls by news media to Morgan RV LLC requesting comment, including confirmation or denial that all or part of Indiana Beach was included in the sale, went unanswered.[15]

In January 2013, local news affiliates reported Morgan RV LLC was delinquent paying property and innkeeper taxes totaling approximately $347,000 to White County, where Indiana Beach is located. The county had received a payment of $11,000 towards $191,648.49 of the innkeeper taxes in arrears, but no payments had been received for the property tax portion of the debt.[16][17][18] On March 19, 2013, a spokesperson for Indiana Beach stated Morgan RV LLC had paid the entire innkeeper tax debt in arrears and her statement was confirmed by a White county official.[19] A local news affiliate reported on March 20, 2013, that Morgan RV LLC had completely paid the tax debt arrears, including the past due property taxes.[20]

In December 2013, an article was published in the Lafayette Journal and Courier questioning whether the park would open in 2014. The CEO of Morgan RV, Robert Moser, and Indiana Beach's general manager, Bob Gallagher, stated that the park would open for the 2014 season despite misgivings stated by Monticello residents and business owners.[21]


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