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Indiana Bible College (IBC) is a Bible college endorsed by the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI). It was originally founded in 1981 by Rev. Dennis Croucher of Seymour, Indiana, before relocating to Indianapolis in 1988 under the direction and sponsorship of Rev. Paul D. Mooney and Calvary Tabernacle of Indianapolis, Indiana. Its current campus is located at 1502 East Sumner Avenue – the site of the former University Heights Hospital, one half mile north of the University of Indianapolis in University Heights.


Established with a strong religious foundation, Indiana Bible College is known for its emphasis on preparing students for careers in professional ministry, Christian education, or counseling. The college offers Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts programs in Biblical Studies and Music with academic minors in Religious Education, International Studies, Social Science, Theology, Communications and Media, and Music. Indiana Bible College provides leadership across the United Pentecostal Church International, both in music and theology. All degrees that are offered have not been accredited by any higher accreditation agencies.


  • 1993- Power of God (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 1995- Keep on Movin' (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 1997- This House I'm Building (IBC PRAISE)**
  • 1997- Glory and Honor (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 1999- Song, Hymns and Spiritual Songs Vol. 1* (Studio Recording)
  • 1999- The Time is Near (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 2000- Praise at All Times (IBC PRAISE)**
  • 2002- Testimony (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 2003- Songs, Hymns and Spiritual Songs Vol 2** (IBC Praise) (Recorded Live at Mid-American Revival Conference 2003)
  • 2004- To The Truth (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 2005- Hold On (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 2006- True Praise (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 2007- He Knows (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 2008- Day of Salvation (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 2009- Changing Times (IBC Choir and Chorale)**
  • 2010- Come Home (IBC Choir and Chorale And Praise)**
  • 2011- Your Name (IBC Choir, Chorale, and Praise)**
  • 2012- Anthem To Our God (IBC Choir, Chorale, and Praise)**
  • 2013- Make A Change (IBC Praise Recorded Live at the JW Marriott in Downtown Indianapolis at the ALJC Youth Convention)
  • 2013- Persuaded (IBC Choir, Chorale, and Praise)**
  • 2014- Not Ashamed (IBC Choir, Chorale, and Praise)**
  • 2015- He's Able (IBC Choir, Chorale, and Praise)**
** means Recorded Live At Calvary Tabernacle In Indianapolis, Indiana in The years released.

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