Indiana County Transit Authority

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Indiana County Transit Authority
New Indigo logo.png
HeadquartersIndiana, Pennsylvania
Service areaIndiana County, Pennsylvania
Service typepublic transit
HubsDowntown Transit Center
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Fleet20 vehicles
Fuel typeCompressed natural gas
Chief executiveJack Cunningham, Chairperson
Gerald L. Blair,
Executive Director

The Indiana County Transit Authority, also known as IndiGO, is a public transportation system, serving the Indiana County Area of Pennsylvania.


  • 4 - Orion II (Compressed Natural Gas) (801-804)
  • 2 - Optima Opus (Electric Diesel) (136, 137)
  • 1 - CRRC C12 (Diesel) (E1)
  • 1 - Frieightliner LLC (Diesel) (575)
  • 3 - Ford E-350 (Diesel; except for 84 which is Compressed Natural Gas) (82, 84, and 94)
  • 1 - Chance Trolley
  • 1 - Freightliner Van

Routes (as of October 2008)[edit]

IndiGO's routes consist of Numbers and Colors. IndiGO operates five Monday-Saturday routes, five Monday-Friday routes, a Wednesday route, a Saturday route, two Late Night routes, and a Sunday route. They also operate a route service called "Call-A-Bus" (See below). thus-sat

  • Route 1 (Green) - Transit Center to Townfair Plazza
  • Route 2 (Blue) - Transit Center to St. Andrew's Village
  • Route 4 (Brown) - IUP Campus Loop
  • Route 5 (Orange) - Transit Center to Glenn Oaks, S&T Arena, or Indiana Medical Center
  • Route 6 (Tan) - Transit Center to Blairsville
  • Route 7 (Lavender) - Transit Center to Ernest (Wednesdays Only)
  • Route 9 (Grey) - Transit Center to Indiana Mall (Late Nights Thursday to Saturday during IUP sessions)
  • Route 12 (Teal) - Transit Center to IUP Campus (operates during IUP sessions only)
  • Route 13 (Checkered) - Transit Center to WyoTech Campus (operates only during WyoTech sessions)
  • Route 14 (Ivory) - Indiana Mall to Blairsville (Saturday Only)
  • Route 15 (Pink) - Transit Center to Chevy Chase Heights (Sunday Only)
  • Route 16 (Yellow)- Transit Center to Poet's Village
  • Campus Express - South Campus to Main Campus (operates during IUP sessions only)
  • Park & Ride - Shaw Parking Lot to Hub Parking Lot (operates during IUP sessions only)
  • Late Night Shuttle- Robert Shaw Dormitories to Hub Parking Lote (operates during IUP sessions only)

Call-A-Bus (This route is three routes in one. On Tuesdays, this bus goes to Strongstown/Alverda. On Thursdays, East and West Wheatfield. On Fridays, Cherry Tree.

Discontinued routes[edit]

  • Shuttle - Downtown Indiana, Guidance Center, Chevy Chase, IUP Campus, Malls, and Wal-Mart (Now Green Route 1)
  • Express East and West - The East and West Sections of Indiana (Now Routes 2 and 5)
  • Evening Express - Combined Express East and West Schedules (Now Route 11)
  • Late Night Shuttle - Late Night Service (Now Route 9)
  • Blairsville to Indiana - Blairsville Service (Monday-Friday Route 6; Saturday Route 14)
  • Saltsburg to Indiana - Saltsburg (Now Route 10)
  • Blairsville Flyer - Servicing the wyo-tech dorms of Indiana, and Blairsville.
  • Indy Park Flyer - Indy Park to Wyo-Tech (Runs under Route 6 in the Afternoon)
  • Smicksburg/Plumville to Indiana - Serving Smicksburg and Plumville Areas. (Now Route 7)
  • IUP Recreational Run
  • Park and Ride
  • Route 10 (Purple) - Saltsburg
  • Route 11 (Gold) - Indiana Mall, Senior Center, Transit Center, Bi-Lo, Chevy Chase (PM)

Fare boxes[edit]

Since 1995, IndiGO used electronic fare boxes called GFI CentsABill.


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