List of former state highways in Indiana (1–199)

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This is a list of former state highways in Indiana with route numbers from 1 through 199. For a full list of former state highways in Indiana, see the List of former state highways in Indiana.

State Road 6[edit]

State Road 6
Location: Munster - East of Butler
Existed: October 1, 1926[1]–1932

State Road 6 followed the same route as US 6 does today. It was signed before US 6 was signed in Indiana.

State Road 21[edit]

State Road 21
Location: Ohio State Line to Peru
Amboy - Peru
Existed: October 1, 1926[1]–1979

State Road 21 followed the same route as US 35 does today. SR 21's first segment was decommissioned in 1965. The second part of SR 21 followed SR 19 from Amboy to Peru; this was decommissioned in 1979.

State Road 33[edit]

State Road 33
Location: Mauckport to Bennettsville

State Road 33 was signed until US 33 was commissioned in Indiana. SR 33 followed mostly the current southern alignment of SR 11.

State Road 34[edit]

State Road 34
Location: Illinois State Line near Danville, IL to Indianapolis
Existed: October 1, 1926[1]–1950

State Road 34 was located where US 136 is today.

State Road 35[edit]

State Road 35
Location: Mauckport to Indianapolis
Existed: October 1, 1926[1]–1934

State Road 35 followed the current route of SR 135. SR 35 was decommissioned when US 35 was commissioned in Indiana.

State Road 73[edit]

State Road 73
Location: Schererville to Griffith

State Road 79[edit]

State Road 79
Location: Edinburgh

State Road 79 (SR 79) in the U.S. state of Indiana was originally an old alignment of US Highway 31 (US 31) through Edinburgh. It followed SR 252 and Eisenhower Drive.

State Road 100[edit]

State Road 100
Location: Indianapolis
Existed: 1949–June 1, 1999

State Road 100 no longer exists as a state highway (although it still is marked on some maps); the short final signed section on S. Shadeland Avenue was turned over to the city of Indianapolis in 1999. It was a vision to create a beltway around Indianapolis. It was deleted after having been truncated to a short route between US 40 and I-465 in the early 1990s, when all signed highways going through Indianapolis were diverted onto the I-465 beltway. The highway began just south of U.S. Route 52 at I-465. It traveled northward as Shadeland Avenue. It turned west at Castleton, in northeastern Marion County, following 82nd Street. Between State Road 37A (Allisonville Rd) and the distinctive bridge over the West Fork of the White River just east of State Road 431 (Keystone Ave), it became 86th Street. It continued on west along 86th to the far-northwest side of Marion County, where its exact route west of US 421 (Michigan Rd) is unclear. It may have once ended at the I-65/SR 334 intersection in Boone County.

There were two other short sections of Indiana 100. The first section designated as SR 100 ran from US 40 along High School Road south to the Indianapolis Municipal (now Indianapolis International) Airport. The second, a short lived section, ran along Troy Avenue from Meridian Street (then SR 135) to Bluff Road (then SR 37). This section did not survive long after the decommissioning of SR 37 along Bluff Road.

The following places were along the highway's route:

State Road 102[edit]

State Road 102
Location: Whitley County - Noble County
Existed: 1932[2]–1971

State Road 107[edit]

State Road 107
Location: Madison
Existed: 1932–1976

State Road 112[edit]

State Road 112
Location: Elkhart
Existed: 1937–

State Road 112 ran in Elkhart to U.S. Highway 20 from State Road 19 and was originally part of U.S. Highway 112 from 1926 to 1934. It has since been deleted, most of it having been incorporated into Indiana 19 as it was diverted away from downtown Elkhart.

State Road 113[edit]

State Road 113
Location: Huntington - North Manchester
Existed: 1932–1973

State Road 113 was an east–west road in the U.S. state of Indiana. It started on the east side of North Manchester at the junction of State Road 114, and ended north of Huntington at State Road 5. It passed through the towns of Servia and Bippus, where it intersected with State Road 105.

State Road 118[edit]

State Road 118
Location: Southeast of Warren - East of Berne
Existed: 1932–1964

State Road 122[edit]

State Road 122 ran approximately 4.5 miles, connecting U.S. Route 27 to Indiana State Road 227 near the Wayne County Union County line, terminating at Boston.

State Road 122
Location: South of Richmond
Existed: 1930–1981

State Road 123[edit]

State Road 123
Location: South Bend
Existed: 1935–1980

State Road 123 was a north–south state road in Saint Joseph County, Indiana. It ran along the western edge of the city of South Bend.

Following Mayflower Road for its entire route, it began from its parent State Road 23, southwest of the city limits. It ran for 5 miles (8.0 km) northward, interchanging with the U.S. Route 20/U.S. Route 31 bypass at about mile 2. One half mile north of that, it sprouted its own child route to the west, State Road 223 at Grant Road. Another half mile farther north, it intersected State Road 2 (which itself has been deleted east of US 31) at West Western Avenue. It then terminated at what is now Business Route 20 two miles (3 km) north of that.

Mayflower Road still has significant traffic, but SR 123 has been turned back into this local street.

State Road 131[edit]

State Road 131
Location: Clarksville
Existed: 1953–2002

State Road 131 in the U.S. State of Indiana was the main roadway that ran for two miles (3 km) through the retail district of Clarksville until 2003, when it was turned back to the city. It is now known as Lewis & Clark Parkway.

State Road 132[edit]

State Road 132
Location: Lapel - Pendleton
Existed: 1932[3]–1975

State Road 132 in the U.S. State of Indiana was a road that ran for seven miles (11 km) between the towns of Pendleton and Lapel. It was decommissioned in the mid-1970s.

State Road 133[edit]

State Road 133
Location: New Boston - New Albany
Existed: 1935–1937

State Road 133 was decommissioned in 1938, when U.S. Route 33 was commissioned in Indiana.

State Road 136[edit]

State Road 136
Location: Bloomingdale - Danville
Existed: 1932[4]–1950

State Road 136 was decommissioned in 1950, when U.S. Route 136 was commissioned in Indiana. The route number was later changed to SR 236.

State Road 141[edit]

Southern section[edit]

State Road 141
Location: Carbondale - South of Boswell
Existed: 1984–1989

State Road 141 was the original route of US 41.

Northern section[edit]

State Road 141
Location: Dyer - Hammond

State Road 141 was the original route of US 41.

State Road 146[edit]

Western section[edit]

State Road 146
Location: Spencer
Existed: 1932–1933

Eastern section[edit]

State Road 146
Location: Bloomington
Existed: 1961–1966


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