List of State Roads in Indiana

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State Roads in Indiana
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Notes: Indiana Routes are generally state-maintained.
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State Roads in the US state of Indiana are numbered rationally: in general, odd one-digit and two-digit highways are north–south highways, numbers increasing toward the west; even one-digit and two-digit highways are east-west highways, numbers increasing toward the south, the opposite of the Interstate Highway System. Three-digit routes are related, as a rule, to the single-digit or two-digit parent US or State Road; thus State Road 205 (SR 205) is related to SR 5 and SR 120 is related to U.S. Highway 20 (US 20).

Exceptions to this system are SR 37, SR 47, SR 56, SR 57, SR 62, and SR 67, diagonal routes, the defunct SR 100 beltline around Indianapolis, SR 135 (which acts like a two-digit state highway), and both SR 149 and SR 249 (which are arterials between SR 49 and SR 51). Another exception to the system is SR 265; this highway is a two-mile-long (3.2 km) extension that exists between Interstate 265 (I-265) and I-65 and is over 100 miles (160 km) east of either SR 65 or SR 165, both located in Southwestern Indiana near Evansville.

The numbers of several important U.S. Highways that pass through Indiana are not used as Indiana route numbers: these include 6, 12, 20, 24, 27, 30, 31, 33, 35, 36, 40, 41, 50, and 52. US 40, in fact, roughly corresponds in location to where "SR 40" would be; SR 38 is north of it and SR 42 is south of it. US 6 is located similarly, and, in fact, follows the general course of former SR 6.[1][2]

List of State Roads[edit]

Two-digit routes[edit]

Three-digit routes[edit]

900-series routes[edit]

900-series state roads are a low priority for INDOT,[3] and the agency has attempted to return all but one to the local road authorities.[3][4][5]


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