Indiana University Amateur Radio Club

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Indiana University Amateur Radio Club (K9IU)
Abbreviation K9IU
Formation Before 1925
Type School Club
Purpose Advocacy, Education, Fun
Region served
Indiana University
Official language
Remarks FM Repeater on 147.180Mhz (+600Khz) PL 136.5Hz

Indiana University Amateur Radio Club or K9IU is the amateur radio club at Indiana University, Bloomington. The club is involved in a wide range of amateur radio activities, including contesting and local community service (for example, the Hilly hundred).

Facilities and services[edit]

K9IU currently operates a 2-meter and a 70cm repeater, the two meter repeater is now on 147.180 Mhz with a +600 Khz offset and utilizes a 136.5Hz PL/CTCSS tone for access. The club runs a weekly net, on both the VHF voice FM repeater at 7PM every Monday evening and on the 10 meter band on Thursday evenings at 7:30PM (28.410 Mhz, USB) and has a fully operational radio room / ham shack in the Indiana Memorial Union's west tower (the "student activities tower"), with two HF rigs. Antennas include an HF beam (TH6 thunderbird by hygain) and various wire antennas, and are located on top of the tower where the shack is located. As of June 2017, due to roof repairs on IMU, the main VHF voice FM repeater is housed at the IMU stadium press box tower, utilizing a Yaesu System Fusion D1X repeater at 25 watts output, WaCom BpBr pass and reject cavity duplexers, and a Sinclair DB224 repeater antenna providing 6DB omni pattern. The repeater itself is capable of receiving either traditional FM or Digital C4FM signals and rebroadcasting those in standard FM mode. The repeater is used for on campus activities as well as serves as the Monroe county ARES/Skywarn backup repeater with full emergency battery power.

The club meets formally on the Last Sunday evening of the month, at 7PM, at the K9IU ham shack / radio room on the 6th floor of the IMU student activities tower.


In the early 1920s, the physics department had been licensed under the call 9YAG. The club was founded by 1925 and was licensed under the call W9IU by 1930. Later, the club's call was changed to K9UAN, and in 1960 it moved to a shack at the Indiana Memorial Union. The club's current call sign, K9IU, was issued in 1962.