Indians in Panama

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Total population
(15,000 [1])
Regions with significant populations
Panama City · Colón
Spanish · Various Indian Languages
Sikhism · Hinduism · Islam · Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Indians in Belize · Indians in Venezuela

There are an estimated 15,000 people of Indian origin in Panama. They are employed in the shipping industry while others are mainly engaged in commerce. A majority are Hindu with a substantial Muslim minority and they maintain temples,Gurdwaras and mosques in Panama City and Colón.

Panama's Indian community originates from Punjab,Gujarat,Sindh (now a part of Pakistan). The first significant immigration was during the US phase of the building of the Panama Canal, and were primarily from the Caribbean (islands and British Guiana, now Guyana) under British rule. Many of the founders of the Colon Free Zone were Indians. Since then, the Indian community has grown with a slow but steady stream of immigrants.

Panamanians of Indian descent speak their native languages Punjabi Gujarati and Sindhi, they speak Spanish when speakers of 2 different languages communicate with each other.


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