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Indibloggies was an annual blog-award website targeted at Indian Blogs started as a parody clique on the Bloggies. The site used to showcases the best of the Indian blogosphere and once used to serve "as a focal point for what could loosely be called the Indian blogging community".[1] The website annually awarded[2] blogs written in English as well as Indicblogs (blogs written in Indian language scripts) authored by Indians and the Indian diaspora.


The site was launched[3] by an Indian blogger Debashish Chakrabarty as a fun venture, he felt that he wasn't able to read so many good blogs just because he never heard of them.[4] Indibloggies blog was started at free hosting service from in 2003 with many few bloggers contributing with their awards. The Indibloggies website later moved to, this site is now defunct and the archives available at its old blogspot address.

Though the modus operandi had been different each year, the Indibloggies decided the winners in various award categories based on a mix of peer-review from a panel of jurors, public nominations and public voting. From 2005 onwards Indibloggies used the social book marking site to solicit category-wide public nominations.[5]

Indibloggies could be credited for recognizing some outstanding bloggers year after year. For example, Sonia Faleiro, who’s blog was adjudged the "Best Topical Blog" in 2006 went on to win the CNN Young Journalist award[6] the same year, Amit Varma, author of “India Uncut”, won the “Best New Indiblog” award in 2005 and then went on to win the Bastiat Prize in 2007[7] and later landed a book deal with Hachette India.[8] Similarly, Arnab Ray, consecutive winner of "Best Indiblog" later landed a book deal with Harpercollins that was a best-seller.[9]

Over the years Indibloggies also ran an essay series called "Hum Blogistani" that featured essays written by well known contemporary bloggers from the subcontinent, these are available as a free ebook. This publication is a collection of 10 essays published between 2005 to 2007 and provide a bird’s eye view of the state of the Indian blogosphere during that period.

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