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Indie is a short form of "independence" or "independent"; it may refer to:

Sports and games[edit]

  • Independent baseball league, a professional league in the U.S. and Canada not affiliated with Major League Baseball
  • Independent circuit in professional wrestling, made up of smaller promotions that do not have national TV contracts
  • Indie role-playing game, a role-playing game published outside of traditional, "mainstream" means
  • Indie RPG Awards, annual, creator-based awards for Indie role-playing game products
  • Indie game, any game (video, board-based, or otherwise) published or produced outside mainstream means
  • Independent video game development, video games created without financial backing from large companies
  • Indie Fund, an organization created by several independent game developers to help fund budding indie video game development
  • Indie Game Jam, an effort to rapidly prototype video game designs and inject new ideas into the game industry


  • Independent record label, operates without major corporate funding
  • Independent music, subculture music that is independent of major producers
    • Indie dance, or alternative dance, a type of dance music rooted on indie rock and indie pop
    • Indie electronic
    • Indie folk, a music genre that arose in the 1990s from singer/songwriters in the indie rock community showing heavy influences from folk music scenes of the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s, country music, and indie rock
    • Indie hip hop, hip hop music that primarily exists in the independent music scene
    • Indie pop, a genre of alternative pop music
    • Indie rock, a genre of alternative rock music
  • Indie Recordings, a Norwegian independent record label specialising in heavy metal

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