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Industry Gay pornography
Founded 2002
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Products Internet pornography and Pornographic films

Indie Boyz is a European company based in London, United Kingdom and a subsidiary of Eurocreme which specializes in the production and distribution of gay pornographic films, generally featuring twinks, though they have also released a number of series devoted to studs and men of more diverse appearance. Indie Boyz is devoted to twinks that are dressed in emo and indie fashion clothes.


Eurocreme is the owner of Indie Boyz, and, as its parent company, it has many other companies, which give Indie Boyz numerous other "sister companies". Eurocreme was founded in the United Kingdom by director Max Lincoln, and it released its first film in 2002.


As of January 2011, Indie Boyz has produced 15 videos featuring young men dressed in indie and emo genre clothing.


Simon Booth produced the first 3 videos and Joel Ryder produced the twelfth, with Marc Reardon producing all of the other 11 films.

Partial video listing[edit]

  1. Indieboyz - Models for #1 Indieboyz - Steven Prior, Rowan Valois, Jake Hamilton, Dom Frazer, Damien Esco, Anthony Thomas, Alex Haylewood, Juke Brandt
  2. IndieBoyz 2 - Models For Indieboyz 2 - Will Jamieson, Titch Jones, Matt Hughes, Jason Carter, Hayden Kane, Cameron Ross, Ashley Ryder, Alex Colle, Matt James, Toby James
  3. Indieboyz Twisted - Models For Indieboyz Twisted - Steven Prior, Shane Stone, Scott Gray, Max Hudson, Justin, Johan Volny, Deano Star, Jason Lee, Matt Attack
  4. Indieboyz 4 Rocked! - Models For Indieboyz 4 Rocked! - Zak Hazzard, Shane Stone, Jason Dee, Giovanni Summers, Buxton, Alex Cane, Jack Slater, Phil Jacks, Steven Jackson, Taylor James
  5. Indieboyz 5 Spunkd - Models For IndieBoyz 5 Spunkd - Tyler Brooks, Philippe Delvaux, Peter Glam, Johannes Winter, Jason Carter, Brett Carter, Grant Joshua, Mike Ronson
  6. Indieboyz 6 Fukkd - Models For Indieboyz 6 Fukkd - Tristan Dean, Ray Court, Johan Volny, Alex Stevens


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