Indie Recordings

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Indie Recordings
Indie Recordings logo.png
FounderErik and Espen Røhne
Distributor(s)Indie Distribution
GenreHeavy metal, hard rock
Country of originNorway

Indie Recordings is a Norwegian record label focusing on hard rock and heavy metal, founded in 2005 by Erik and Espen Røhne as a side project of Indie Distribution. In 2006 Erlend Gjerde joined Indie Recordings and Indie Distribution and together they developed the label from a "hobby project" into one of the leading independent record labels in Scandinavia, releasing gold albums by bands Kvelertak and Satyricon. Indie Recordings mainly focused on developing Norwegian acts like 1349, Kvelertak, Satyricon, Enslaved, God Seed, Keep of Kalessin, Wardruna, Audrey Horne, and Oslo Ess. But the label has also signed foreign acts such as Cult of Luna, Hacride, and Steak Number Eight.


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