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Indiewood is a term used to describe an alternate pathway to creating films other than the Hollywood Studio System or traditional independent filmmaking.[1] Such filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino, Charlie Kaufman and Steven Soderbergh have found more creative freedom by working in this area.[2]

Differences from Hollywood[edit]

The films are often made for far less money than Hollywood films, and each aspect of the filmmaking process has to undergo less scrutiny by committees. Additionally, with the in Indiewood approach the filmmaker can take as long as they need in the in post-production phase of their film - whereas in Hollywood they are contracted to finish the film in a specific period of time (usually 10 weeks). In Hollywood, the film then goes on to show in focus group screenings on the studio lot. In Indiewood, the filmmakers can determine the next steps of the film.

Most Indiewood films are first shown at film festivals with the hopes of further distribution by being picked up (or purchased) by a larger film company or distributor.

Simultaneously, many Hollywood films do not make it past the focus groups and subsequent distribution because the scripts are often ruined by being over-thought and "over-written" by the executive committees & focus groups. Hollywood films are usually made for the lowest common denominator audience while Indiewood films are able to be released with a more singular vision of the film director (ideally).

In an issue devoted to digital filmmaking and technologies, Scientific American Magazine printed diagrams by director Tara Veneruso demonstrating the difference between Indiewood and Hollywood from pre-production through distribution. The diagrams include the theatrical move to satellite rather than film prints.

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