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Indigo Roxanna Kathryne Muldoon, affectionately referred to as "Indie" by her friends and family, is the main character in the graphic novel, "Indigo Heat." She was born a medium with psychic powers. Indigo is bound to serve Gitchi Manito (a parallel of the Lord in Catholicism) and cannot die until she has served her purpose.


In the context of the novels, the Spirit World has distinct rules and levels of organization. Indigo has contempt for God because of her spiritual status, which is radically different from that of most other humans. God will give her almost anything she asks for except death. Indigo survived several fatal incidents, including a plane crash in which she was the only survivor. After having lived so much in her 15 years, Indie is ready to die and wants rest from the chaos of her life, but she is not allowed to die because she must live until she has served her purpose. Out of despair and confusion she committed suicide, but was brought to a hospital by her friend Kelly. While she was unconscious, Indie traveled the Spirit World and was informed by Gabriella, God's Messenger Angel, that she will go to Hell when she finally does die if she does not repent for her suicide. On the same night, Indie's childhood friend, Lipong, overdoses on Vitamin A. He and Indigo lie next to each other in the crash room as he dies and she comes back to life. As Lipong takes his last breath, Indie hears him apologize. She thinks he is apologizing to her, but when he comes to her as an Angel, she realizes he had repented.

The state of Indie's virginity is important to her spiritual tasks. Her virginity takes the form of a glass swan that she must protect from "damage." The day Indie loses her virginity, the swan will shatter into pieces. The noise it makes will summon the Angels to watch either Indigo's sin, or her rape.

Indie has indulged her depression through anorexia, smoking, drinking, and abusing painkillers. She often "flirts with Death" by engaging in dangerous behavior, knowing she cannot die.

Indigo's Hell[edit]

Mortem thrives off of chaos, and his energy created Hell after he abandoned God. Hell is total chaos and despair: the complete absence of God. Everyone has traumatic feelings, but the closeness to God numbs and alleviates them. But the total absence of God in Hell combined with nerve-racking chaos and disorder makes Hell the most torturous experience known to a human soul. Hell has no visible limits of any kind, no distinguishable colors, objects, or temperatures. It is a barren tundra of nothingness. It is not dark or light, warm or cold, outwardly frightening or pleasant, but each prisoner of Hell is completely alone. A person's inability to define it makes it unbearable after any extended amount of time because humans need limits and standards to feel comfortable. Therefore, each inhabitant of Hell is left alone, with nothing except his or her worst experiences and empty feelings (because all true happiness comes from God.) No one is sent to Hell; rather, if a soul fails to enter Heaven, it will either find its way to Hell or be temporarily bound in the Physical World. No one is turned away from Heaven, but if the soul does not know God, it will not find its way to the gates of Heaven.

Indigo's demon lover[edit]

There is no Devil, rather an overlord of Hell and Death called Mortem. He is the classic image of the Grim Reaper with bloodied fangs and black robes. He can take any form he wishes, but his most common alter ego is a tall, dark-haired young man with piercing blue eyes and a penchant for cigarettes. Mortem is unlike the traditional Satan because he does not seduce or tempt anyone. He enters people's lives when they seek him out, but never makes any effort to keep anyone's soul, much less trick or bargain for any followers. Nor is he in any kind of eternal war with God. He was a bookkeeper for God, but found his job superfluous since God is omnipotent and all-seeing. Rather than talking to God about this, he became a rogue bean counter and swore neither to serve God nor to keep track of anything for the rest of eternity. He thrives on disorder, and although humans find total perfection stifling, the total chaos of Hell (which makes the subject feel assaulted in the worst ways while on psychedelic drugs) tortures people to insanity.

Indigo knows his identity, yet flirts and teases him out of her desire to die. Mortem is enamored by Indigo for her beauty and virginity. Taking one of God's servants as his mistress would be his greatest triumph since the creation of Hell. Several panels show the young man affectionately lighting a cigarette for Indie as Gabriella watches in the shadows with contempt.

Mortem in the shadows, watching Indigo. "You look lovely, darling." Indigo turns around, frightened. "Hello." Mortem approaches the girl. He delicately places a cigarette between her lips and lights it for her. "Thought about my offer anymore?" "I can't, Jonathan. I am bound to the Lord. I cannot die." "He has hundreds of you all around the world, and all I ask is one! One girl! It doesn't matter to me that you're a medium. God is selfish." He turns away, Indigo nods. She places a hand on his shoulder and embraces him. "We can spend all of eternity together once I complete my tasks." "You don't know God. It will always be something. He'll never free you. He took away everything I ever wanted." "Why did you and the others leave him?" "It's too complicated for a child." Indie stands up angrily. "So my body is all that you see as woman?!" "I have all the mistresses I could want in Hell, but I want none of them. I had never seen a creature as elegant and pure as you, and nothing else will do." "Negotiate for my freedom." "God does not negotiate with me. Haven't you learned that he is watching us now? He'll never give me anything I want." "But once I do my job, he'll have to send me to Hell." "But he won't. You won't go to Heaven, either. Your spirit will dissociate and you shall cease to exist. You may as well repent." "Never! I was not wrong! It's not fair that I must serve him! I did not want this burden!"

Indigo's God[edit]

In the novels, God takes three forms: the Lord Father, El Shaddaih; the son, Jesus, who often follows Indigo around and gives her instruction; and the Holy Earth Mother Spirit, Isis. Isis is the balancing, comforting force in the world. She possesses every living thing. The more in touch a person is with Isis, the more psychic he or she is. Isis can take any form, but her image is a dark woman in a purple cloak. Isis entered the world through Mary when she carried Jesus, so Isis and Mary became one spirit.

Heaven remains a mystery. Much debated, however, the only characters in the story (besides God) who have seen it are the Angels, who are forbidden from speaking of it to anything lesser.

Other characters[edit]

Indie has one younger sister, Violet, who is very different from her. Violet is sensible, reliable, dutiful, but lacks any special talents whatsoever. Indie often asks God why he made her a medium rather than her sister. God's only answer is "because you need it most." The vagueness of Indigo's tasks and what's expected of her frustrate her and intensify her madness.

Kalpernia is Indigo's mother, simply called Kally (which annoys Indigo because it sounds common.) This reflects a flaw Indigo finds with her mother: she downplays her uniqueness but accentuates and exaggerates success. Indie thinks her mother acts fake for the world because she is ashamed of Indie and her father's issues. However, Indie loves her mother very much and looks to her for spiritual advice. Kalpernia is also a psychic, but not a medium. (Mediums can contact the dead and receive messages, psychics just receive messages, sometimes without much sense or reason.) Kalpernia does have one important ability: she can sense when Indie is in danger or has sinned in any way, and she has never failed to catch Indigo when she was in trouble. Kalpernia can also sense danger for all of her close friends and family, much like Calpurnia, Caesar's wife.

McAlbert is Indigo's father. He is not a psychic, but he can communicate telepathically with Indigo. He and his daughter understand each other very well because they are both mentally ill with bipolar and social anxiety disorders. Their relationship is rocky, but they are beginning to respect and show affection for each other again. McAlbert's twisted view of the world often gets in the way of his personal relationships. Sometimes, when crossed with Indie's own problems, the two have fought brutally. McAlbert is genuinely unhappy with himself and his life. Indie blames herself and is beginning to understand that she needs to be the bright spot in her father's life.

Lipong was Indie's childhood friend. He was known as the smartest boy in their school, particularly talented in math and science. They casually dated during high school. He committed suicide with Indigo in their town's conservatory. Indigo chose to overdose on Tylenol but Lipong chose vitamin A. He died, but did not go to Hell because he repented. God made him Indigo's guardian Angel (normally, medium's do not need them because of their abilities) and named him Trust. Lipong has the golden wings of an Angel, but he most often appears as he did when he was alive, dressed in khakis, a striped polo, and sneakers. Lipong's purpose is to teach Indigo to trust God.

Gabriella is God's Messenger Angel, not to be mistaken with Gabriel, an Archangel in this story. (During Mary's lifetime, Gabriel was a Messenger Angel.) Gabriella is named Angel Hope. She was a native Taino Indian who encountered Columbus. She was enslaved and later died of smallpox on a slave ship to Spain. Out of a fondness and attraction to her, the crew had named her Gabriella, but her real name was "Morning Girl." Gabriella nurtures Indigo and tries to fill her life with meaning and give her hope.

Desdemona is Mortem's favorite mistress. She is tall and voluptuous with wavy red hair and seductive amber eyes. She lusts for Indigo and is constantly trying to corrupt her so that both she and Mortem can possess her. Despite Indigo's disinterest in her, she is often tempted by Desdemona.

Favorite phrases[edit]

Indigo often says of the spirits (in regards to mortals), "They didn't create us; we created them."


Spirit Animal: American Crow

Colors: Indigo, violet, viridian, and black. Indie is also very fond of pink.

Fruit: Pears and blueberries

Flower: Lilac and Pink Amaryllis

Tree: Weeping Willow

Jewellery: A bracelet with indigo and silver beads which Indie made while hospitalized before Samhain, a viridian and silver necklace with a green jasper pendant she made the following year just before the Quinquatria, and a pewter Celtic Raven pendant engraved with the name "Remus Elder" and the dates of Sagittarius Indie found in a nature preserve.

Symbols: Waning Crescent (facing left), Alchemy symbol for Air (upside-down triangle w/ line through it), Yin-Yang

List of books[edit]

1."The Awakening:" Indigo and her life are introduced to the reader through immersion into the story. Indigo's talents are growing stronger, and visions are taking over her everyday life. Problems in her family are presented: conflicts with her parents, and her paternal grandfather is diagnosed with lung cancer. His death serves as a bridge which leads Indigo to the Spirit World and ultimately, to fulfill her destiny as a medium. 2."Spellbound:" Indigo begins her work as a medium. Spirits, good and bad, are popping up everywhere, and Indigo is becoming more powerful. But can she make the sacrifices necessary to become a medium, and will anyone ever understand why she's so different? 3."Taking to the Sky:" Indigo is endowed with the wings of a crow, and she begins to learn to fight and slay demons. An attractive new boy appears in her tennis classes, but which world does he belong to, and why can everyone else see him? Indigo has met her first half-breed (half spirit, half human), but he might not be from God. 4."The Missing Pieces:" Indigo is informed she's not as unique as she seems. As a medium of the element "Air", there are three others in the world of equal abilities (Fire, Earth, and Water.) She meets a red-haired rock guitarist, Xyzena, and begins to have suspicions the girl is more than she seems. But will their differences keep them from learning what they must about each other? 5."Rejection:" When Xyzena refuses to accept the truth about her destiny, and Indigo's grandfather finally passes, Indigo spirals into depression. She resolves to quit her medium-work for good. In addition, Indigo's father loses his telepathic ability, Violet disconnects herself from the family and the outside world, and Kalpernia grows cold and indifferent towards her daughters: the family is falling apart. Gabriella worries Indigo is lost for good and hesistates to intervene, but only God knows Indigo's fate. 6."The Funeral:" Indigo's family mourns the passing of David Hephaestus Muldoon, Jr. At the wake, Indigo is angry to see her high school rival, Kelly Martez and her sister (dressed in white, no less.) She writes a last letter to her grandfather, and slips one of the best pastel drawings into the coffin. She's disturbed by the black rosary that looks to be binding David's hands, so her uncle, Geoff (who's dating Kelly's mother), positions it so that he's holding it. During the church service, Indigo and Violet reconnect and comfort each other. The whole ordeal is uncomfortable and painful for Indigo's family, and she and her father feel the ceremonies were not handled as David would have wanted. 7."Losing Faith:" Indigo's family is in turmoil: her father is extremely depressed and has lost his job, her sister is quiet and indifferent towards everyone, Indigo is enraged at the world and begins taking things into her own hands, and Kalpernia seems hateful towards Indigo for her actions. Indigo flashes back to a school trip to Washington, D.C. Returning home, the plane crashed and Indigo was the only survivor. She begins to wonder why this happened, and flirts with the idea of suicide. 8."Let Them Come:" Indigo gets angry with Gabriella, and orders her to leave her alone. As Gabriella disappears, she warns Indigo that worse things will take her place. Knowing she's referring to demons, Indigo replies, "Let them come", signifying she's lost any hope or will to survive or go to Heaven. She loses her wings. Mortem is introduced for the first time after Indigo is flooded with visions of evil and pain. She can't communicate, but her mind is constantly broadcasting horrifying images she can't turn off. Indigo is now very suducible. 9."Heaven-Sent, Hellbent:" Indigo and her friend, Lipong (suffering from social rejection and extreme anxiety) commit suicide, and a disparity turns their crime into tragedy. 10."Imprisoned:" Having survived self-poisoning, Indigo is locked in a psychiatric ward for three days. For the first time, she feels a true lack of control. Her parents are in shock and despair. Violet has nothing to say. Will the coming of Samhain bring a fresh start for Indigo? 11."Unresolved Conflicts:" Indigo's family appears to be self-destructing. Things do not look well at school for Indigo, either. The demons are still coming through, but Indigo refuses to do what they say in fear of further imprisonment. Mortem is appearing more, and getting Indigo to contemplate sex with him. 12."The Last Place to Fall From:" Indigo gets drunk at a party, is "felt-up" (but not raped) by strange boys, and dances with Mortem (who appears to be a normal man to everyone present.) Gabriella decides Indigo has lost control and comes to her rescue despite being brutally dismissed in Book 8. She starts a fire in the house where the party takes place with a cigarette just as Mortem begins to fondle Indigo's breasts. Indigo retreats to her friend Sarah's house, and surprisingly, is perfectly fine by morning. Mortem, however, is furious and swears he will have revenge on the Angel. 13."The Beginnings of Recovery:" Things take a slow turn for the better. Indigo's father gets a new job, Kalpernia's heart is turning, Violet is recovering by finding confidence in herself, and Indigo is striving for success in school and sports again. Realizing her physical life is taking an upturn, Indigo begins to wonder about her spiritual life. She misses her wings and her talents, and contemplates serving God again, but wonders if He will welcome her back. 14."The Hard Truths:" Gabriella was reprimanded by El Shaddih for abandoning her duties to protect Indigo. She is told she will lose her place as Messenger Angel (as Gabriel did) if she continues to act out of her place. God is also displeased that Gabriella endangered dozens of people's lives to keep Mortem from getting to second base. Gabriella argues that Indigo is in dire need of a Guardian Angel because of her instability. God already has a perfect candidate, who will be tested immediately when Indigo becomes a hit-and-run victim. 15."Reunited:" Indigo is thrilled to have Lipong as her new Guardian Angel. But she gets carried away when she convinces Lipong to show himself at school and play a few well-deserved tricks on his enemies. Gabriella talks to Indigo about the conditions of her return to God and how to get her wings back. 16."Hidden Attacks:" Indigo's father has been suffering from strange, deadly dreams. Could he be psychic after all, or has he been possessed by the evil forces that fled Indigo's body? When a mysterious disappearing man commits several crimes throughout Seattle, Indigo must find out what his true motive is, and what HE is. 17."A Stolen Violet:" When Violet develops a dangerous flu, her mind seems to have left her. But Indigo suspects that something has possessed her instead. Kalpernia, jealous of Indigo's gifts, keeps Indigo away from her sister. But will the mother's pride cost her the soul of her youngest daughter? Indigo resolves to leave her own body to enter Violet's and fight the demons. Someone must take her place so that her body does not die: Lipong is just the Angel to do it! But will the thrill of a mortal experience derail the Angel's good intentions, and leave Indigo trapped out of her body forever? 18."Shapeshifter:" Indigo (a mild anorexic) finds out about a secret pro-ana convention in Seattle. Dozens of young girls are drawn to seek advice from the "experts". But Indigo quickly realizes the group is far too spiritual to simply be body-obsessed. The strange rituals and rites of passage seem oddly familiar, but the source of energy is all wrong. Why would demons want to spread anorexia, and what is their plan? 19."Return of the Phoenix:" Xyzena and Indigo are reunited, and this time Xyzena is willing to listen. Indigo begins to learn about the strange, ginger-haired beauty who seems to have everything Indigo lacks (and vice versa.) Sinewy and powerful, Xyzena is a perfectionist: psychiatry intern by day; acoustic rock goddess by night. She is also a budding long-distance runner and karate student. But behind her relentless search for glory and popularity, something is missing. Can Indigo help her figure it out? And more importantly, can the two girls finally figure out how to work together using their very different skills and styles?