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Individual Computers is a German computer hardware company specializing in retrocomputing accessories for the Commodore 64, Amiga, and PC platforms. Individual Computers produced the C-One reconfigurable computer in 2003. The company is owned and run by Jens Schönfeld.


  • Catweasel – Universal format floppy disk drive controller card
  • Retro Replay – Improved version of the C64 Action Replay cartridge
  • Clone-A – Amiga in FPGA website (coming soon?)
  • MMC64MMC and SD Card reader cartridge
  • MMC Replay – MMC64 and Retro Replay combined in one cartridge, with some improvements
  • Micromys – An adapter that allows connecting PS/2 compatible mice (including wheel-support) to C64 and Amiga joystick-ports (and all other computers that share the same pin-configuration).
  • Amiga clock port compatible addons for MMC64, Retro Replay and MMC Replay:
    • RR-Net: A C64-compatible Network-Interface. Comes in 2 shapes, the old long RR-Net fits Retro Replay and MMC64 (though partly blocking the latter's passthrough expansionport), the new L-shaped RR-Net2 fits MMC64 and MMC Replay and was built with MMC Replay in mind.
    • Silver Surfer: Highspeed RS232 Interface for the C64. Fits onto Retro Replay, MMC64/Replay compatibility unknown.
    • mp3@c64: hardware mp3 decoding from SD card. Made for MMC64, Retro Replay and MMC Replay compatibility unknown.
  • Keyrah – An interface that allows the connection of Commodore keyboards to USB-capable computers
  • C-One – reconfigurable computer
  • X-Surf – network card
  • C64 Reloaded - A 1:1 rebuilt C64 motherboard with less power consumption

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