Libertarian Party (Spain)

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Libertarian Party
Partido Libertario
Abbreviation P-Lib
President Juan Pina
Secretary-General Daniel Martinez
Founded 2009 (as Partido de la Libertad Individual)
Headquarters C/ Ferraz 28, 2º Izq., Madrid
Ideology Classical liberalism
Fiscal conservatism
European affiliation European Party for Individual Liberty
International affiliation International Alliance of Libertarian Parties
Colors      Gold

The Libertarian Party (Spanish: Partido Libertario or P-LIB) (formerly Partido de la Libertad Individual, Individual Freedom Party) is a Spanish political party founded in 2009.[1] It is currently led by Juan Pina.

The first congress of the party took place September 25, 2010 in Madrid, Spain; the second congress on June 23, 2012.

The party statutes declare classical liberalism, the Austrian School of economics, and Ayn Rand's Objectivism as its main influences. In the quest to renew and modernize classical liberalism, the party welcomes many libertarian, anarcho-capitalist and non-interventionist ideas. Two specific internal caucuses are officially recognized, the Objectivist one and the Radical Caucus one, which is libertarian/anarchocapitalist. Most party members are not included in any of these caucuses and just adhere to the party's main principles and platform.

The P-LIB first ran in the general elections in November 2011 in the electoral districts of Madrid and Zaragoza, and obtained about seven thousand votes to the Senate and over two thousand (0.01%) to the Congress.[1]

Electoral Performance[edit]

Cortes Generales[edit]

Election Leader Votes % # Congress Senate Gov't Notes
2011 Daniel Martínez 2,076 0.01 36th
0 / 350
0 / 207
No No representation
2015 Daniel Martínez 2,833 0.01 31st
0 / 350
0 / 207
No No representation
2016 Daniel Martínez 3,103 0.01 24th
0 / 350
0 / 207
No No representation


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