Individualism and Economic Order

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Individualism and Economic Order
Individualism and Economic Order (Hayek book) cover art.jpg
First US edition
AuthorFriedrich Hayek
CountryUnited Kingdom
SubjectEconomics, philosophy
PublisherRoutledge Press (UK), University of Chicago Press (US)
Publication date
Media typePrint

Individualism and Economic Order is a book written by Friedrich Hayek. It is a collection of essays originally published between the 1930s and 1940s,[1] discussing topics ranging from moral philosophy to the methods of the social sciences and economic theory to contrast free markets with planned economies.


I. "Individualism: True and False"
Delivered at University College, Dublin, December 17, 1945.
II. "Economics and Knowledge"
Delivered at the London Economic Club, November 1936.
III. "The Facts of the Social Sciences"
Delivered at the Cambridge University Moral Science Club, November 1942.
IV. "The Use of Knowledge in Society"
Published in the American Economic Review, September 1945.
V. "The Meaning of Competition"
Derived from a paper delivered at Princeton University, May 1946.
VI. "'Free' Enterprise and Competitive Order"
Derived from a paper delivered to the Mont Pelerin Society, April 1947.
VII. "Socialist Calculation I: The Nature and History of the Problem"
Published in Collectivist Economic Planning (1935)
VIII. "Socialist Calculation II: The State of the Debate (1935)"
Published in Collectivist Economic Planning (1935)
IX. "Socialist Calculation III: The Competitive 'Solution'"
Published in the Economica, May 1940.
X. "A Commodity Reserve Currency"
Published in the Economic Journal, June–September 1943.
XI. "The Ricardo Effect"
Published in Economica, May 1942.
XII. "The Economic Conditions of Interstate Federalism"
Published in the New Commonwealth Quarterly, September 1939.


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