Indo-Asian News Service

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Indo-Asian News Service
FormerlyIndian Abroad News Service
TypeNews agency
IndustryMedia, News media
FounderGopal Raju
New Delhi
Area served
India, South Asia
OwnerSandeep Bamza (Editor-in-Chief & CEO)

Indo-Asian News Service or IANS is a private Indian news agency. It was founded in 1986 by Indian American publisher Gopal Raju as the "India Abroad News Service" and later renamed. Their main offices are located in Noida. The service reports news, views and analysis from the subcontinent about the country, across a wide range of subjects, to subscribers via the Internet.[citation needed]

While IANS is primarily known as a wire service in English and Hindi, it also has a publishing division that currently produces newspapers and periodicals for other clients in the media industry. IANS also operates a mobile news service.[1][2]

Fake News[edit]

IANS has a history of spreading fake news on its platform and several instances of fake news has been documented by AltNews.[3] In July 2020, it made a story on the basis of a fake twitter account named after the wife of Congress leader Sachin Pilot.[4]In the same month it carried a news article about Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi's bungalow, which she called out as Fake News.[5]


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