Indonesia–Peru relations

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Indonesia–Peru relations
Map indicating locations of Indonesia and Peru



Indonesia–Peru relations refer to foreign relations between Indonesia and Peru. Both nations sees each other as an attractive market with good prospects and potentials,[1][2] and seeks to boost trade relations.[3] Indonesia has an embassy in Lima, while Peru has an embassy in Jakarta. Indonesia and Peru are members of multilateral organizations such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the World Trade Organization (WTO), Non-Aligned Movement and Forum of East Asia-Latin America Cooperation.


The diplomatic relation between the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Peru was officially established on August 12, 1975. At that time the Indonesian mission to Peru was accredited through the Indonesian embassy in Brasilia. The Peruvian government opened its embassy in Jakarta on November 1, 1992. Considering the ineffectiveness and the need to strengthen the cooperation with Peru, the Indonesian government opened the Indonesian embassy in Lima on February 20, 2002.[4]

Trade and investment[edit]

Peruvian investors were seeking opportunities in Indonesia, such as the soft drink company, Big Cola, had entered the Indonesian market and doing very well, which inspires more Peruvian investors that may follow in the future. According to the data from the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS), trade between Peru and Indonesia reaching US$213.37 million in 2011.[1] The trade balance heavily favors Indonesia, which mainly exports rubber, wood products, sports shoes, paper, garments, motorcycle spare parts, aluminum, glass, ceramics, plastic and electronics to Peru. On the other hand, Indonesia imports fish meal, animal feed, medicines, grapes, wheat and fertilizers from Peru.[2] In October 2013, Indonesia and Peru signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on agriculture cooperation.[5]


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