Indonesia–Ukraine relations

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Indonesia–Ukraine relations
Map indicating locations of Indonesia and Ukraine



Indonesia–Ukraine relations refers to the bilateral relations of Indonesia and Ukraine. Indonesia has an embassy in Kiev that also accredited for Georgia and Armenia, while Ukraine has an embassy in Jakarta. Both nations has agreed to expand cooperations in heavy industries, military, space technology and exploration, tourism, sports,[1] economy and trade sectors, as well as cooperations within international organizations.[2]


After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Indonesia promptly recognize Ukraine on 28 December 1991. On 6 June 1992 in Moscow, Indonesia and Ukraine signed the joint communique on establishment of diplomatic relations. Indonesia established its embassy in Kiev in 1994, while Ukraine opened its embassy in Jakarta in 1996.[2]

Economy and trade[edit]

In 2011, the total trade volume between two nations has reached US$1.27 billion, and increased to US$1.32 billion in 2012. The trade balances between two nations is in favour to Ukraine; the Indonesian export value to Ukraine in 2012 was US$548.9 million, while Indonesia’s import value from Ukraine for the same year was US$774.1 million.[3]

Indonesian export commodities to Ukraine includes palm oil, nickel, natural rubber, paper, animal fats, coffee, tea, plastic, cocoa, spices, electrical equipment, textiles and furniture, while importing fertilizers, milk, sugar, wheat, iron and steel products, arms and weaponry and also gun powder from Ukraine.[2] Among ASEAN exporters to Ukraine, Indonesia is ranked as the highest.[3] Ukraine regards Indonesia as an important arms market.[4]


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