Indonesia–United Arab Emirates relations

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Indonesia–United Arab Emirates relations
Map indicating locations of Indonesia and United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates

Indonesia–United Arab Emirates relations refers to the bilateral relations of Republic of Indonesia and United Arab Emirates (UAE). The diplomatic relations between Indonesia and United Arab Emirates are important because both share the solidarity as Muslim majority countries.

Since the diplomatic relations established in 1976,. Indonesia has an embassy in Abu Dhabi, while the United Arab Emirates has an embassy in Jakarta. Both countries are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), The Non-Aligned Movement and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).


Indonesia was one of the nations that immediately recognized the United Arab Emirates upon its independence in 1971. Diplomatic relations has been established since 1976. The former president Suharto visited UAE in October 1977, and a year later the Indonesian embassy in Abu Dhabi was established in 1978. The former president B. J. Habibie, by then a minister, also visited United Arab Emirates in 1988.

The visit of the President of UAE Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to Indonesia in May 1990, followed by the establishment of United Arab Emirates embassy in Jakarta on 10 June 1991 further strengthened the relations between two countries.[1]

In May 2006 Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited United Arab Emirates and met President of UAE Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Economy and trade[edit]

Indonesia sees United Arab Emirates as one of the business center of the world, especially in Middle East region. Indonesia uses the UAE as the main gate to enter the Persian Gulf and Middle East market, that is why Indonesia's export to UAE is the largest in the Middle East. Indonesian Government has established the trade and investment representative office to promote its products in United Arab Emirates and the entire Middle East region.[1]

Trade volume between Indonesia and UAE stood at more than US$2.18 billion in 2008. The value of Indonesia's exports to the UAE is exceeding more than US$1 billion, with Indonesia's primary exports to the UAE consisting of more than 200 items, such as textiles, garment, paper, plywood, furniture (Indonesia covers 35% of UAE market) and electronics. While the value of UAE's exports to Indonesia is around US$400 millions, consisting of products among others; lubricant oil, chemical products, aluminum ore, iron scraps and corn flour.[1]

The United Arab Emirates is also a popular destinations for Indonesian workers. In 2005 approximately around 72000 Indonesian workers work in the UAE.


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