Indonesia–Vietnam relations

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Indonesia–Vietnam relations
Map indicating locations of Indonesia and Vietnam



Indonesia–Vietnam relations are foreign bilateral relations between Indonesia and Vietnam. Indonesia and Vietnam are neighboring nations that have border lies on South China Sea. Both countries are the member of ASEAN and APEC.


The relations between ancient Indonesia and Vietnam, particularly Southern Vietnam, has begun around 7th century, since the era of Champa, Srivijaya, and later Majapahit kingdom.[citation needed] Majapahit epic poem Nagarakretagama mentioned several states that is today Vietnam, Champa and Yawana (Annam). Indonesian 15th century records mentioned Princess Darawati, a Cham princess, married to King Kertawijaya, Majapahit's seventh ruler. The tomb of Putri Champa (Princess of Champa) can be found in Trowulan, East Java, the site of Majapahit capital. In 15th to 17th century, Muslim Cham maintains a cordial relationship with Aceh Sultanate. This sultanate was located on the northern tip of Sumatra and was an active promotor of Islamic faith in Indonesian archipelago.[citation needed]

During the 1979-1996 period, many Vietnamese Boat People and asylum seekers were temporarily accommodated in the Galang camp at Galang Refugee Camp, Galang Island, Riau Islands, during the determination of their refugee status and their subsequent resettlement in the USA, Australia and some European countries.[citation needed]

On 28 July 1995, Vietnam became the seventh member of ASEAN.[1] The bilateral cooperation through ASEAN has been promoted eversince.

High level visits[edit]

Yudhoyono and Truong Tan Sang in Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, June 27th, 2013.

On February 1959, Vietnam President Ho Chi Minh visited Indonesia, reciprocated by President Sukarno visit to Vietnam in June on the same year.[2] On November 1990 President Suharto visited Vietnam. On April 1994 President Lê Đức Anh visited Indonesia.[2] Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri visited Hanoi on 22 August 2001,[3] and also on June 2003, reciprocated by President Trần Đức Lương visit to Jakarta on November 2001.[2] Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited Hanoi on 28 May 2005. On 27 June 2013, Vietnamese President Trương Tấn Sang visited Indonesia and paid a courtesy call to his Indonesian counterpart, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, to strengthen bilateral relations and deepen cooperation in key sectors, also agreed to establishes strategic partnership.[4]


There was about 50,000 Indonesian people visited Vietnam in 2011. And about 35,000 Vietnamese went to Indonesia at the same year.[5]

Territorial disputes[edit]

Indonesia and Vietnam currently do not have territorial disputes. However addressing the territorial disputes in the South China Sea, Indonesia supports and urges ASEAN nations (including Vietnam and the Philippines) to unite and reaffirm the Declaration on the Conduct (DOC) of parties involved, the need to reaffirm the guidelines, Code of Conduct (COC) in the East Sea (South China Sea), and the need to respect international laws and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)[6]

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