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Indonesian Film Festival
Citra Award and Vidia Award
Awarded forExcellence in cinematic achievements
Presented byIndonesian Film Board (Badan Perfilman Indonesia)
First awarded1955 (Citra Awards)
1986 (Vidia Awards)[1]

The Indonesian Film Festival (Indonesian: Festival Film Indonesia, 'FFI') is an annual awards ceremony organised by the Indonesian Film Board to celebrate cinematic achievements in the Indonesian film industry. During the festival, the Piala Citra winners are announced and the best Indonesian films of the year are presented.

The awards ceremony was first held in 1955 as the Pekan Apresiasi Film Nasional. It changed to Festival Film Indonesia in 1973. In 1986, the festival included awards for television movies with an award called Piala Vidia.

This awards ceremony includes numerous similarities when compared to the Academy Awards in the United States.


In 1955, 1960 and 1967 Pekan Apresiasi Film Nasional (English: National Film Appreciation Week) was held in Jakarta. From 1973–1992 the ceremony was renamed Festival Film Indonesia and became an annual event. The trophy/award was named Piala Citra (Citra Award). The All-Indonesia Cinema Owners' Association (Gabungan Pengusaha Bioskop Seluruh Indonesia, or GPBSI) awarded the Antemas Prize, named for the producer Antemas.[2] From 1993–2003 the festival did not take place, because the quantity of good Indonesian movies had dropped significantly. In the 1990s, most Indonesian movie producers created low budget, B movies. Producers suffered revenue losses because of growing piracy. Since 1992, American, Hong Kong and Taiwanese movies took over many theaters. Low budget Indonesian movies get the dregs, such as open theatre cinemas, portable cinemas, direct to video, or on TV. In 2004 the Indonesian Film Festival committee launched and returned the event to an annual affair. In 2014 the Indonesian Film Board was formed and FFI changed the award statuette. In 2017 the Indonesian Film Board added two more awards for unique and creative films, raising the total to 21. In 2018 awards were given in 23 categories.[3]

Citra Awards[edit]

Citra Awards are accolades by the Committee to recognize excellence of professionals in the Indonesian film industry, including directors, actors and writers.

In 2009, the Indonesian Film Festival Committee replaced the National Body of Motion Picture as the official event organizer of the Indonesian Film Festival. The Committee was authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia to organize the operational process of Citra Awards' ceremony and the selection (voting) of nominations and winners.[4]

In 2014, the Indonesian Film Board replaced the Indonesian Film Festival Committee as the festival organizer. The festival is audited by Deloitte. The Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia oversees the organizer.

The Citra Award, often mistakenly called the FFI Award (Indonesian Film Festival), is the title of the event where the Citra Award and Vidia Award winners are announced.


The categories of Citra Awards are:[5]

  • Best Film (in Indonesian: Film Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Director (Sutradara Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Leading Actor (Pemeran Utama Pria Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Leading Actress (Pemeran Utama Wanita Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Supporting Actor (Pemeran Pendukung Pria Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Supporting Actress (Pemeran Pendukung Wanita Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Writing – Original Screenplay (Skenario Asli Terbaik): 2009 to present
  • Best Writing – Adapted Screenplay (Skenario Adaptasi Terbaik): 2009 to present
  • Best Cinematography (Penata Sinematografi Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Art Direction (Penata Artistik Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Film Editing (Penyunting Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Sound Editing & Mixing (Penata Suara Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Original Score (Penata Musik Terbaik): 1955 to present
  • Best Documentary Feature (Film Dokumenter Panjang Terbaik): 2004 to present
  • Best Short Film (Film Pendek Terbaik): 2004 to present

Retired awards[edit]

  • Best Screenplay (Skenario Terbaik): 1955 to 2008

Special awards[edit]

  • Best Documentary Short Subject (Film Dokumenter Pendek Terbaik): 2009
  • Best Director in Short Film (Penghargaan Khusus Sutradara Film Pendek Terbaik): 2009
  • Best New Director (Penghargaan Khusus Sutradara Baru Terbaik): 2009
  • Best Film for Children (Penghargaan Khusus Film Anak-anak Terbaik): 2009
  • Best Animated Feature (Penghargaan Khusus Film Animasi Terbaik): 2008
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (Penghargaan Pengabdian dan Dedikasi Seumur Hidup): 2006, 2009 & 2010

Vidia Awards[edit]

Vidia Awards recognize excellence in the Indonesian television movie industry, including directors, actors and writers. Vidia Awards were first presented in 1986 and awarded in one event with Citra Awards.

From 1992 until 1998, the award was presented separately in an event called Festival Sinetron Indonesia (Indonesian Soap-Opera Festival). The awards were discontinued from 1998 to 2003. The awards returned between 2004 and 2006, then discontinued between 2007 and 2010, and made its return in 2011.

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