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Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia (YPLI), or the Indonesian Linux Motivator Foundation, is a non-profit organization that develops Linux and other Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) software and human resources in Indonesia, including profession certification.

YPLI activities[edit]

Compiz on BlankOn

Other activities include providing advocation, seminar speakers and documents in Indonesian regarding Linux/FOSS. A YPLI product is the BlankOn Linux distribution (GNU GPL licensed). BlankOn's first releases (version 1.0 and 1.1) were Fedora based distros. BlankOn version 2 (Konde), 3 (Lontara), etc. are Ubuntu based. BlankOn 8 (Rote) is Debian Based.

YPLI, with its BlankOn, has been a case study of UNDP and UNESCO as a successful example of FOSS implementation in the world. A complete PDF file of the book Breaking Barriers, The Potential of Free and Open Source Software for Sustainable Human Development. A Compilation of Case Studies from Across the World can be found here (around 900 KB).

YPLI founders and management[edit]

  • Founders: I Made Wiryana, Mario Alisjahbana, Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim, Rusmanto Maryanto, Effendy Kho, Resza Ciptadi, Firdaus Tjahyadi, Trias Adijaya, Erwien Samantha, M. Gani Salman, M. Aulia Adnan, PY Adi Prasaja, Mohammad DAMT, M. Zen Muttaqien, Ahmad Sofyan, Yulian F. Hendriyana, Dicky WP, Eko Kurniawan, Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo.
  • Advisors: Mario Alisjahbana, Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim, PY Adi Prasaja, M. Aulia Adnan
  • Comptrollers: M. Zen Muttaqien, Ahmad Sofyan, Mohammad DAMT
  • Executives: Rusmanto Maryanto (Chairman), Resza Ciptadi (Secretary), Effendy Kho (Treasurer).

YPLI partners[edit]

YPLI is working closely with several institutions, such as:

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