Indonesian Red Cross Society

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Indonesian Red Cross Society
Palang Merah Indonesia
Indonesian Red Cross Society logo
Indonesian Red Cross Society logo
Abbreviation PMI
Formation 17 September 1945; 72 years ago (1945-09-17)
Type NGO
Legal status Foundation
Purpose Humanitarianism
Headquarters Jakarta
Region served
Official language
Jusuf Kallaa
105 staff, including 17 expatriatesb
Remarks aElected from 19th national meeting for period 2009–2015[1]
bFrom ICRC website[2]

The Indonesian Red Cross Society (Indonesian: Palang Merah Indonesia) is a humanitarian organization in Indonesia. It is a member of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Indonesia is the one of the very few Muslim-majority countries to use the Red Cross as its symbol. Because Indonesia is neither a strictly faith-based nor secular nation, it has chosen to use the Red Cross as its symbol.[3]

In mid-2013, the Indonesian Red Cross Society had 32,568 people in its Volunteer Corps, 19,294 Individual Volunteers and 893,381 Blood Donor Volunteers, for a total of 945,243 persons, which is recorded as the highest number of volunteers in the world.[4]


The IRCS was created on 17 September 1945, exactly one month after Indonesia's independence.[5] President Sukarno ordered its inception when a battle between Indonesian soldiers and allied troops broke out, leaving many wounded, on 3 September 1945.[5] Based on the performance, IRCS received an international recognition in 1950 that it was accepted as a member of the International Red Cross and achieved its legal status through Presidential Decree Number 25 Year 1959, which was later reinforced by Presidential Decree Number 245 Year 1963.[5]


The IRCS central headquarters is located at Jl. Jenderal Gatot Soebroto Kav. 96, Jakarta 12790.[6]

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