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Indophenol molecule
IUPAC name
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ECHA InfoCard 100.007.194
Molar mass 199.21 g·mol−1
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Indophenol is an organic compound with the formula OC6H4NC6H4OH. It is deep blue dye that is the product of the Berthelot's reaction, a common test for ammonia.[1] The indophenol group, with various substituents in place of OH and various ring substitutions, is found in many dyes used in hair coloring and textiles.[2]

Berthelot test[edit]

In the Berthelot test (1859), a sample suspected of containing ammonia is treated with sodium hypochlorite and phenol. The formation of indophenol is used to determine ammonia and paracetamol by spectrophotometry.[3] Other phenols can be used. Dichlorophenol-indophenol (DCPIP), a form of indophenol, is often used to determine the presence of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid.[4]

See also[edit]

Indophenol blue (CAS 132-31-0) is a different compound with systematic name N-(p-dimethylaminophenyl)-1,4-naphthoquinoneimine.[5]


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