Indore–Ajmer Link Express

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The Indore - Ajmer Link Express was a daily link express train which runs between Indore Junction railway station of Indore, the largest city and commercial hub of Madhya Pradesh and Ajmer, a pilgrimage spot in Rajasthan

The train has been extended to Jaipur and now it runs as the Indore - Ajmer - Jaipur Express

Arrival and Departure[edit]

  • Train number 9655A was departing from Indore Junction daily at 18:00 hrs., and was reaching Ajmer, the next day at 06:30 hrs.
  • Train number 9656A used to depart from Ajmer daily at 2125 hrs., reaching Indore Junction, the next day at 09:00 hrs.

Route and Halts[edit]

The train used to go via. Ujjain Junction - Ratlam Junction and Neemuch. The important halts of the train were :

Coach composite[edit]

As the train was a link service therefore the coach were attached at back of 59307/59308 Indore - Ujjain Passenger and then from Ujjain, it were attached to the halted 19655/19656 Bhopal - Ajmer Express. The train consist a total number of 17 Coaches :

  • 1 AC II
  • 1 AC III

Link service : A total of 7 additional coaches were attached to the train from Ujjain out of which:

  • 1 AC II

Average speed and Frequency[edit]

The train used to run on daily from both the sites with an average speed of 66 km/hour


This train was introduced in year 2009 and is the only direct connection from Bhopal/Indore to Ajmer. This train replaced by the Old 9303/9304 Bhopal - Ratlam Intercity Express. This train has also replaced the old 9657/9658 Ratlam - Ajmer Night Express.