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Origin Orlando, Florida
Genres Noise rock, alternative metal, avant-garde metal
Years active 2001–2007, 2010–2012
Labels Rock Ridge Music
Associated acts Cletus Axle, Psychostick
Past members Jimmy Grant
Everett Sailor
Marshall Stephens
Adam Phillips
Tanner Owings
Buddy Fischel
Brett Walker

Indorphine was an alternative metal band from Orlando, Florida.


Like many influential grassroots bands before them, Indorphine began in the garage of lead singer Jimmy Grant as he, and high school friend and drummer Everett Sailor, annoyed their Kissimmee neighbors with their loud and abstract music. One day however a neighbor from across the street, interested instead of disgusted in the odd noises resonating daily, introduced himself as Buddy Fischel to the already named duo Indorphine with an interest in jamming their socks off. An experienced guitar player from Syracuse, NY, Indorphine was almost complete with the addition of Buddy, yet they still needed someone to shred. Adam Phillips, another New Yorker and guitar virtuoso was one of Indorphine’s earliest diehard local fans until the beginnings of Indorphine heard his extensive talent and made him an official member. After Indorphine’s first bass player left the band over boredom, current bass player and vocalist Indiana native Tanner Owings took a chance leaving the very popular Orlando band Milka to explore his options with the experimental Indorphine; completing today’s lineup.

Shortly after the Holiday Hate Tour with Psychostick and Screaming Mechanical Brain in 2007, Indorphine suddenly, and without notice, disbanded. Two months later Jimmy Grant resurfaced as the new bassist for Psychostick - a position he would quit in December 2009.

In September 2010, Jimmy Grant posted a video, hinting at Indorphine reuniting with its five original members. Jimmy, along with Tanner Owings and Everett Sailor, have been working on a concept album entitled Cowboy Maloney's Electric City vs. The Chocolate Chewbaccapocalypse for the past few months.[1] The band made their live return on January 7 with new guitarist Marshall Stephens, as Buddy would not be rejoining the band due to family life. The band made another live appearance in February 2012, and have not been active since.

Stage Show[edit]

Indorphine was heavily known in the southeast as one of the best metal bands to see live. The stage show consisted of swapping instruments with each other for different songs. One example of that would be the song 'Kingdoms Fall'. Jimmy Grant (vocals) plays bass on this track while Tanner Owings (bass) sings it. Also 'Porticulture' (aka. the Punk rock song) features Buddy on vocals and Tanner on guitar. Only recorded for their live album 'Ninja's, midgets, and handguns' the groups track 'Wacca Dacca' features Buddy, and Tanner singing two verses. Jimmy playing bass, and for the bridge Adam plays a snare drum solo. The song crescendos into Tanner, Buddy, and Everett slamming rhythmically in unison on the cymbals ending the track.



Orlando Music Awards

  • 2003 OMA (Orlando Music Awards) — Best METAL Performance
  • 2003 OMA (Orlando Music Awards) — Best New Act of the Year
  • 2003 OMA (Orlando Metal Awards) - Best METAL Bassist (Tanner Owings)[2]


Song Title of the Week - "Motor Driven Puppy Stabber" [3]


Michael Kelly Guitars
Traben Basses
Xcel Drumsticks
Kustom Bass Amps


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