Indosiar Television Tower

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Indosiar Television Tower
General information
Type TV-transmission, communication
Location West Jakarta, Indonesia
Coordinates 6°11′36.06″S 106°45′59.56″E / 6.1933500°S 106.7665444°E / -6.1933500; 106.7665444Coordinates: 6°11′36.06″S 106°45′59.56″E / 6.1933500°S 106.7665444°E / -6.1933500; 106.7665444
Completed 2006
Antenna spire 395 m (1,295.9 ft)

The Indosiar Television Tower is a 395 m (1,296 ft)[1] guyed mast used for FM- and TV-broadcasting in West Jakarta, Indonesia, completed in 2006. It is currently the tallest structure in Indonesia. It consists of a 375 metre tall lattice structure with a side length of 6.3 m (20.7 ft), which carries on its top a 20 m (65.6 ft) high TV-broadcasting antenna. The upper parts of the mast are guyed to a 120 m (390 ft) triangular lattice steel structure with a side length of 56 m (183.7 ft), which was built around the mast. This special design, which gives the tower a unique shape, was chosen because of the lack of space available on the site. Broadcasting is run by the local television station, Indosiar.


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