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Reign Khmer Empire
Predecessor Indravarman III
Successor Jayavarman Paramesvara

Indrajayavarman, or Srindrajayavarman, was the ruler of Khmer empire from 1308-1327, and was succeeded by Jayavarmadiparamesvara.[1]:228–229 Charles Higham (archaeologist) states this is the last Sanskrit record of Angkor.[2]:138–139


Information about Indrajayavarman was obtained from four inscriptions and the meager statements in Chinese dynastic history:

The inscription of Vat Kok Khpos, dated 1309, says the region of Indravarman came to an end in 1308. This inscription speaks of the capital under the name of Yasodharapura. A re-reading, by Coedes, of the inscription of the Bayon, dated after 1327, revealed that the reign of Indrajayavarman lasted until 1327. Yuan-Shih, quoted by Pelliot, says a Chinese mission came to Cambodia to buy elephants in 1320.


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