Indre Østfold

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Map over Indre Østfold.

Indre Østfold is a countryside area with 10 municipalities in Østfold county where you find undisturbed nature and exciting waterways. It is located around 30 kilometers from Norway's capital Oslo, with the Europavei ("Europe Way" / European route) E18 as the main nerve through the region and a lot of Riksvei national roads running through the area. Indre Østfold also has its own rail road route, the [Eastern Østfold Line]] of the Østfold Line, and it is around 50 kilometers (40 minutes) by car to the brand new Rygge international Airport.

History and museums[edit]

The Indre Østfold region has played a central role in the country’s history and has impressive defence works from various periods. Haldenskanalen (The Halden Canal in Norwegian) is the oldest constructed water canal in the country and has the highest locks in northern Europe.[citation needed] The 10 municipalities which form the region are cooperating within the Indre Østfold Regional Council. Information about the region can be found at and or Mr. Mayor Knut Espeland from Spydeberg is the chairman of the regional council 2012-2013.

Municipality Internet site
Aremark [1]
Askim [2]
Eidsberg [3]
Hobøl [4]
Marker [5]
Rakkestad [6]
Rømskog [7]
Skiptvet [8] (Norwegian)
Spydeberg [9]
Trøgstad [10]